Shasi Tharoor: Right choice for U.N reforms

On the sidelines of World Information Society in Geneva in December 2003, a panel discussion was organised about the role of United Nations in the information age. On the stage were charming Shasi Tharoor, the Under Secretary General for Public Information, U.N, Director of Al Jazeera, a Colombian internet guru and it was moderated by BBC’s Michael Hussain. Soon after the presentations, audience jumped up to fire the speakers with questions. Of course in their own mother tongue. All were baffled because it came in French, Spanish, and German for which the concerned speakers were not able to answer. The onus fell on Shasi. The way in which he answered all those valid questions logically and of course in the language of the questioner, made me to mark him as the man who belonged to the entire world. This was further strengthened when he came out of the dais and the ease with which he interacted with people from different cultures and countries in their own sweet own way.

There I dreamt about him as the next secretary general of the U.N. At the same time, I also had doubts about the spoilsport of United States, China and Pakistan in blocking this extra smart and intelligent young man. Although the relations between India and United States are on the record high now and surging ahead, for obvious international supremacy reasons, U.S may not like a man who got his own mind as the next head of the global organisation. Unexpectedly, the current secretary general, Kofi Annan defied the U.S line and adopted an autonomous thinking and action. This irritated the big brother unlimitedly. Kofi Annan’s days were counted with smile in White House. After overcoming one the self asserted secretary general, U.S doesn’t want to get into the trouble again. Especially during the times of Iraq war, Iran’s nuclear admonition, Afghanistan fiasco, incomplete dancing of U.N to the U.S tunes tested the patience of the sole supreme global force. The Indian government timely proposed Shasi’s candidature and started lobbying for him. Like in other crucial global dealings India’s approach should not too innocent. It should combat the neighborhood jealous perfectly and strategically. Pakistan has already sharpening its knives to fight with India for the top U.N job. China will supply enough diplomatic ammunition from the backyard to thwart its old enemy and new friend in capturing the U.N. Many candidates in the fray are good for India. Leaving the election of Shasi to even a bit of chances will be detrimental to the sharpening image of India. It should deal with Africa, developed and Muslim countries with more vigorous campaign and canvassing. Last year’s permanent seat drama should not be repeated.

If Shasi can win this election, good days are ahead for the world body. With his long experience and amazing grip over the cultural and diplomatic aspects of different nations, he will bring in wonderful results. Without ruffling feathers with big nations, he will try to improve U. N systematically and soundly. The first vital task before him is to ensure financial autonomy. Second to address the untouched nations like Sub Sahara where extreme poverty coupled with health is spelling disaster for the human lives. Third, utilize information and communication technologies to reach out to the inaccessible areas with U.N ideas and aid. Fourth, provide real teeth to different U.N organizations like IAEA to maintain neutrality. Fifth, always maintain the objective status of the world body.

Despite his active engagement in improving the image of the world body and continuous brilliant writings in the popular media, Shasi always care to respond to every ordinary citizen of the globe. In this age of extreme busy schedule and no time for the common people, people like Shasi are true inspiration for the young professionals to perfectly manage public and private lives. Can the lady luck smile on U.N to give a thumping triumph to Shasi Tharoor to give a spinal cord to the United Nations? All eager faith holders of U.N have to wait for next few months to see this great victory.



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  1. bhattathiri said,

    +00002009-04-05T03:46:11+00:00302009bUTCSun, 05 Apr 2009 03:46:11 +0000 2, 2008 at 7.27 p04

    Excellent article.In India election season has come yet again. Political parties are upto palying the tricks of caste, religion, greed and liquor . All indians to be wise and broad minded, its the country, society which is more important than once’s personal,religious or caste interest. We must accept we have very very limited scope to vote for a good person, but thankfully still we have a chance to vote for some one good. We can not expect much of change in our political system or in our governance, but atleast we should give a try to change. Every politician appeals to the intellectuals and educated people and even challenges them to enter the politics, bring the changes and clean the dirt. alas end of the day, all parties fields criminals on their tickets, misery is people who are convicted are fielded, who are in Jails are also fileded. Wise people saves our country and our democracy. Casting our vote is to for the satisfaction that,atleast let us bring a change.
    Wisdom should work above sentimentalism and work earnestly without attachment. Should be be an authentic also. Communicate authenticity to voters by standing up for what you believe in and sharing with voters what it is that calls you to public service.Election Day is a turnout game, so make sure that you have a robust effort to get your supporters to the polls. Get-Out-the-Vote planning should begin on day one of your campaign. Work with reporters to earn media coverage to help communicate the message of your campaign to a broader audience. Even on a grassroots campaign, don’t underestimate the importance of raising money. Start by generating a list of personal contacts and send a letter asking for their support. You won’t get what you don’t ask for. Ask directly for people’s money, time, and, of course, their vote. Convert undecided voters into supporters, and supporters into active volunteers and leaders. Ignore the people you’ll never convince!
    Generate repeated, direct, personal contacts with voters. The more personal the conversation, the more effective it is at persuading voters to support you. Repeat that message over and over and over again. When you are completely tired of repeating your message, voters are just beginning to hear it.. Develop a compelling message that connects with voters and conveys the central argument of your campaign-why you are running, and why voters should choose you. Lay out your path to victory in a campaign plan that you refer to often. Your plan is not a plan unless it’s written down! There is an important distinction between effectiveness and efficiency in managing an election.· Effectiveness is doing the right things.
    · Efficiency is doing things right.
    The general principles of effective management can be applied in every field, the differences being more in application than in principle. The Manager’s functions can be summed up as:
    · Forming a vision
    · Planning the strategy to realize the vision.
    · Cultivating the art of leadership.
    · Establishing institutional excellence.
    · Building an innovative organization.
    · Developing human resources.
    · Building teams and teamwork.
    · Delegation, motivation, and communication..
    · Reviewing performance and taking corrective steps when called for.
    Thus, election management is a process of aligning people and getting them committed to work for a common goal to the maximum social benefit – in search of excellence.

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