Nandigram horror

nandigram.jpgFifteen innnocent lives were gunned by men in Khaki in Nandigram in West Bengal. Amidst the politicking of industralisation and development of the state, displacement of rural people are engineered by the machinery run by the Marxists. A self professed champions of poor, the red politicians of Bengal are known for high class hypocrisy. Drive one issue in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and oppose the same in the rest of the country. This has become the DNA of  the Indian Leftists. Despite experts sounding warning bells and upraising of common people against the proposed chemical complex in Nandigram, the Marxists are hell bent to bring the Indonesia based Salim group to blindly chemical industralise the state.

Having lost the control of Little Buddha in Kolkata, the politburo in Delhi thinks that singing the Bengal’s CM tunes is good for the party for the time being. On the other side of the Leftist spectrum, V. Achutanandan in Kerala is professing anti-capitalist philosophy which is the baseline of the Marxists. How to ride both the veteran horses – Buddhadeb and Achutanandan in the same cart? This is a big headache for Prakash Karat sitting in the national capital. One, the Bengal Chief Minister was popular before the Nandigram episode so touching his position will back fire the young general secretary and put his political future in the dark . Two, Buddhadeb has emerged as the modern face of Marxists. Without him the industrial growth and real development is not possible. So pat him in Kolkata and abuse other politicians who do the same. What a convenient class of politics which the Marxists practise?

West Bengal which is sliding down the development graph for many years has just started to concentrate in development. With Communist goons running the state and the entire apparatus of the the government under the control of party men it is difficult for the other view people to exist in the state, leave alone taking against the policies and programmes of the Left front government. It is visible during the elections. A complete booth capturing and intimidation of the voters are normal in Bengal. Those who oppose the policies are killed mercilessly. This is called Communism under the shadow of democratic government in Kolkata.

Whether Singur or Nandigram or any other fertile land area, the public representatives should not touch it. They should know that it is disastrous for the present situations and the future generations. Industralisation is necessary but not at the cost of well grown agricultural lands. Lakhs of hectares of barren lands which are lying unused  should be given to the industralist. It can be given even free of cost as long it benefits the people and the country at large.  Unless this thinking comes to stay with those at the helm of governance, public protests and violence are inevitable.


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