Parliamentarians in the age of technology

mps.jpgThe revolution in technology is suppose to wake up the public representatives from the deep slumber and make them to reachout to their constituencies more efficiently. Alas! that is not happening with the Indians. The response of the MPs, MLAs and local leaders are becoming worst with the every passing day. Neither they are addressing their constituency problems nor attending the parliamentary sessions. The attedance in both the houses of parliament are sliding every session. This is despite a quality improvement in the lives of MPs in the last few years. Now they are provided with a laptop, mobile phone, Rs. 2 crores annually to spend for the constituency and many more fringe benefits. Especially the younger MPs are the most disappointing in responding to the public queries.

I asked MPs across the political spectrum about the budget presentation. Here is the response I got.

Veteran Congress MP from Kerala – “I have better work to do at home than sitting in the parliament to hear the boring budget speech”

A vociferous BJP MP from Madhya Pradesh – “Oh! budget I will watch from home”

CPI(M) MP from West Bengal – “The party expects us to be in parliament. But I can skip because of my personal work”

There is only 5% of the MPs, 3% of MLAs and 1% of the local representatives responded to our emails. Very few can reply to the postal letters and telephone calls. In comparison to the similar survey conducted 10 years back the situation is worst now. But the senior leaders like Pranab Mukherjee, Maneka Gandhi, Yashwant Sinha are better off in responding to public matters.

what are they doing with the MP post? Not attending parliament, not visiting consitutency often, no response to public queries. It seems that they are all busy in making business. In the consumer world, any amount of public support is insufficient for them to meet the dream world. Hence they resort to cheap business. Running after contracts, sealing petty deals, heading the sports clubs and other ordinary men’s job. Sadly some MPs from North are engaged in kidnapping and ransom business. 

Things have taken topsy turvy. Even in inner party elections the concerned leader demands bribe from his fellow party men. In Congress one of the veteran from Madhya Pradesh who is now the cabinet minister of prime portfolio used to run his money show during elections. When the party was in opposition from 1996 to 2004 he got plump states as the incharge. In Karnataka local body elections he had demanded Rs.50 lakhs from a prominent party activist and trade union leader for the chairman post.  Despite the person belonging to minority community which the party is suppose to champion the cause and 30 years of hard work in the grassroot levels he was denied the seat because of his inability to pay Rs.50 lakhs as bribe to the central leader. How else can the old war horse of Congress can use the oil coupons for Iraq and indulge in crores of corruption? All the humanitarian concerns are left in the air. This is happening across the political spectrum. We are in the merry making times. Why not our public representatives too? Let all of us eat, drink, sing, dance and be merry! In order to do this let us indulge in scandals and scams without any worry!!

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