Bigotry beyond Tsalima

tsalima.jpgThe attack on Taslima  Naseerin, the Bangladeshi writer in Hyderabad last week is an outright breach of Indian values. A handful of fundamentalists who are masquerading as the member of legislative assembly of Andra Pradesh are involved in this utmost incident of intolerance. When her own country’s men and women threatened to behead her, she had chosen India as the land of asylum. As a liberal Muslim who is in love with freedom of expression Taslima knows very well that India is the country which can give her security and passion to bring out her literary instincts. Unfortunately there are goons who operate to spoil the tolerant image of the nation. Whether it is the attack on M.F.Husain or against the paintings of art students, the culprits have gone scot free. Instead of targeting the attackers of Taslima, the Andra Pradesh first slapped cases against the Bangla Deshi writer for whipping up communal passions. After the uproar expressed in the media and anger vented by civil society organizations, the A.P government framed charged against the MIM MLAs and supporters.The fundamentalists’ appeasement of the ruling establishment is crossing all the limits.  Every political party and especially those who swear by secularism are in the frontline to grease the palms of Muslim bigots. Whether in Kerala or in Tamil Nadu or elsewhere in the country, the pseudo secularists are making a beeline to bail out those who raise high voltage slogans and organize attacks against the academicians, artists and writers. Abdul Naseer Madhani, the leader of PDP in Kerala was released from TADA court jail because of the political pressure applied by the Muslim vote hunting political parties. There is a stiff competition between the ruling Left front and the opposition Congress to keep Madhani in good humor. Both of them are fighting to get close to the Muslim fundamentalist politician of the state. In this appeasement gang, the DMK which is the ruling party of Tamil Nadu too joined. The funny prediction of all those parties which are singing Madhani tunes are that he will possibly align with them in the coming elections. What a secular calculation of the atheistic DMK and the communists? They are the convenient secularists who take the help of Muslim fundamentalists for winning elections. For them and to the most of the Indian academicians “Secular” means opposing Hindu identity. More importantly these kinds of politicians do not think twice before inviting the hardcore criminals into the party fold. Remember! the Phoolan Devi episode. They made her as a political mascot to win votes from her caste and community. The elephant poacher Veerapan went near the political baptism before he was shot dead by the special task force.  As long as those matter most in the governance choose to soft pedal the bigotry there is no scope for the rule of law to prevail. They will take the Indian society to further collapse and social chaos. It is essential to nip these thorns in the bud itself. The sad outcome of encouragement given by the ruling party in the centre to Bindranwale still remains the wounded heart of Punjab. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari India should be united to uproot the bigots and fundamentalists. No parochial interests should surface before the law. An equal application of justice should be in place to bury the troubleshooters in their birth itself. If the Indian community and those in the power can perform this duty meticulously then there is some space left out for itself in the comity of nations as a tolerant plural society. Then thousands of Taslimas can come to this great nation to find the right ambience to pen down their creativity flawlessly without fear or favor. 


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