Communal justice

communal-justice.jpgThere is no dearth for communal passion stirring gangsters and politicians in India. Very often these violence creating criminals are used for winning elections and bring down governments. Jobless youth and frustrated individuals are roped into the internal war inflicting works. Whether the Gujarat riots in 2001 or the Ayodhya fiasco in 1991 or the Bombay mayhem in 1992, the religious sentiments of common people were exploited for petty political and some criminals  personal benefits. Thousands have lost their lives and many more got wounded in these violences. Only the justice system can bring out the truth and prononuce punishments incommensuration with the crimes committed. Unfortunately the judiciary and the other justice dispensing systems are controlled by the whims and fancies of the power drivers in Parliament and state legislatures. There are some far sighted judges and lawyers who wanted to do justice to their profession. But the indirect clout wielded by the ministers, MPs,  MLA and ruling party goons are giving nightmares to those committed to justice.

After fourteen years of trial the TADA court has announced punishments for the culprits. In fact it is one of the longest trials in the independent India’s history. Judge P.D.Kode and his team have done commendable job of scrutinising the records sufficiently. Withstanding pressures from several quarters, threats from the underworld and bribery inducements from wealthy sharks must have come on the way of TADA court holders. Finally they followed the system in letter and spirit.  The most dramatic of all the pressures applied on the TADA judge is for the Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt. To overcome the pressure points from different corners the judge adopted a secret code. Instead of giving verdict at the one go for all, he declared punishments in installments.  Once he left the court hall after pronouncing the punishment, Judge Kode called Dutt and gave motivation in ample capsules. “I had taken only six years from your 100 years”. Obviously this touching  words consoled the reel hero. Now like other convicts he will undergo the jail term if there the verdict is not turned down by the supreme court.

While the justice for terror attack was given genuinely in Mumbai there was some mess up in the judicial system in the Coimbatore blast case. The plot to kill L.K.Advani, other BJP and RSS leaders during the mid  term  elections for Lok Sabha in 1998 killed nearly sixty people and injuring one hundred and fifty fately. The main accused in the blast case Abdul Naseer Madhani, the leader of communal PDP in Kerala was acquitted. As an influential communal leader who wielded clout with politicians in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Madhani had a chunk of political followers to demand his release. The Kerala state assembly unanimously passed resolution to let off Madhani breaking all the rules. It is to appease a particular community. The MLAs who were shouting for Madhani were not in true interests fight for the justice but for the vote bank politics. In Tamil Nadu too the ruling party and the PMK supported the communal leader from Kerala.

Just because Madhani is a Muslim with sizeable chunk votes in his kitty, the politicians in both the states are singing different tunes. The most communal consequences are triggered by the so called secular parties. How come supporting a Muslim criminal does not qualify to be a communalist act? Anything for the cause of Hindus is considered to be communal because of they do not vote on the religious line. It is a high time to save the justice system from communal appeasment engnieered by the power drivers.


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