Communists in confusion

Communists and contradictions are inseparable. This is very high among the Indian comrades. Not lending eyes and ears to the changing world scenario, they keeping shouting the outdated ideology from the red rooftops. Double standards of the Leftists are openly displayed across the country. In West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura, the Marxists fold hands to welcome capitalists whereas in the other states they thrown stones at the private investors. They were hell bent upon throwing out rickshaw pullers and street hawkers from Kolkata when the “imperialist” British dignitaries visited the city and create ruckus if the same method is adopted in Mumbai and Delhi. The hypocrisy of the Left is well-known to the   regular political watchers and the victims of Marxists mayhem but those who do not got exposed to the tricky talk games of comrades get swayed away by their sweet poisonous slogans.

The history of the Indian development narrates the darker side of the Leftists. Land reform is chest thumped as the major achievement of the Marxists. The Left front government under the Basu’s Chief Ministership spelled serious disaster to the West Bengal society except the land reforms. Deindustralisation, poor infrastructural facilities, pathetic social indicators, patronage to cadre violence, atrocities against women and deprived sections were not talked much whenever Bengal under communists is analyzed. 

 In the pre-independence days they aligned with the colonial British to mock at the freedom movement and the leaders of Congress. The frontline leaders of the Left movement flocked towards Cambridge and Oxford to earn their foreign degrees to get back to speak against the imperial legacy and class relations in the country. All those who thundered loudly from the Left platform against the caste bias belonged to the socially dominant Brahmin community. Joshis, Basus, Chatterjees, Namboodripats dominated the red political scene. Decades later there is not much of change in the hypocritical nature of the Left.

The new age imperial power USA is the convenient target for the comrades. While opposing the predominance of America in the global stage the Marxists are sending their kith and kin to American universities for higher education. Naturally hypocrisy is a political inheritance for the younger generation of Indian Left. A student union leader from a prestigious Left academic bastion in the country shouted slogans against American dominance three years back and he is today happily pursuing his post doctoral studies in the “imperial nation”.

In the eighties the Marxists opposed introduction of computers in the central government offices and tried to throw spanners in the technological development of the country. The rumour mills of the red brigade were running over time to stop the maximization of productivity and increase in the efficient customer service. Today the same set of political class is involved endlessly using communication technology to reach out to their comrades at the other end of the spectrum.

One should not be carried away by the falsely proclaimed national interests of the Left parties. Today they are trying to sound more India concerned whenever they react to any issue. Whether it is the nuclear deal with USA or permission for foreign universities or relaxation of overseas investments in the insurance sector, every breath of the comrades is aired with pseudo nationalistic feelings.

Whenever  the Left wing speaks against the nuclear deal, one suspect about the Chinese interest behind their arguments. May be the comrades in Beijing are instigating their New Delhi counterparts to stop the nuclear treaty to check India’s growth and threat to the Chinese supremacy in Asia and in the global economy.

From the history one may not accept the patriotic bend of mind of the comrades. After sixty years the nation requires recheck on them. The onus is on the Indian Leftists to come clean on their India feeling, anti-developmental agenda and actions. There should be adequate satisfactory explanations to prove their nationalistic credentials. Till then no takers for comrades loud noises about Indian national concerns.   


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