Global Terror Industry


Bomb blasts in the Indian cities have become routine news. Yesterday’s terror attack in the InfoTech fame Hyderabad compels us to think the connections across the border. Why the terrorists are targeting the fame and rich urban pockets of India? Is it destabilize the fast pace of the economic and technological power that the nation wields or is it just a handy work of terror traders whose commonality is to wreak havoc across the globe? The second reason gains solid and substantive angle because of the same damaging incidents around the world. Islamabad which is accused of training and dispatching the terror creators is also a victim of a non state actor. It is an undeniable fact that Pakistan was involved in a major way in disturbing the Indian growth and achievements in the past. Today it is shaken by its own avatars of terrorism. Unable to handle its Frankenstein monsters, the leaders of Pakistan are clueless. The favorite pastime of Pakistani leaders of yesteryears was to groom problem shooters against India. They choose to train a breed of anti-Indian army in their soil and sneak them through the Kashmir valley. The Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is the chief patron of such kind of sneakers. With the political turmoil boiling above the normal temperature, the ISI may not be in a position to concentrate much on its anti India activities. More importantly the terrorists coming from different countries have formed a global network. Thus the Al Qaeda men sitting in the mountains of Afghanistan – Pakistan can make common cause with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka and anti-establishment fighters in Nigeria. The chain is vast and powerful. A callousness attitude of those in power of the mighty and tiny nations will end up in a global disaster. Instead of blaming one another, all countries should come together to tackle the terror games played by bigots sitting coolly and spelling doom to the innocent people’s lives.

Iraq – the God forsaken nation is the worst affected land. An average of 200 people is killed everyday in the world’s first civilization city by suicide bombers and gun battles. Most the victims include children, aged and women. In the crossfire between the allied forces and terrorists, poor people are bombed.

Afghanistan has become a pawn in the chess game between United States and Al Qaeda. Thankfully the intensity of undeclared internal war carried out by external forces has come down drastically in the past few months.

United Kingdom is constantly under the spell of terrorists. The Glasgow rampage, London tube attack and bus bombings are still shaking the lives of living citizens. The proud host of multi-ethnic society is rethinking seriously about the entry of migrants for work and education. A handy work of few divert minds will harass the student community which is conquering the British nation with passion to pursue their research and knowledge.

The ultimate target of religious terrorism – United States is yet to come to terms with the massive attack on world trade centre in 2001. One attack few years back has shaken the foolproof talents of American security. There were failed attempts in the recent past which constantly reminds the impending disaster to the world’s powerful nation. The worst setback is the baptizing of hardcore American citizens into the global terror industry by the religious fundamentalists. One is not very sure about the preventive measures by the government to stop Americans joining the mission which is very anti-American in nature. Corruption and hatred of Americans towards the ruling establishment fuels negative passions among the local people to join hands with global terrorists.


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