Handshake police

sanjay_dutt.jpgThe policemen who hand shook and hugged Sanjay Dutt when came out of the Yerwada jail on an interim bail landed in a major trouble. The state deputy chief minister R.R. Patil who is a known strict rule maker had issued strict warnings to the police staff to refrain from worshipping celebrities who enter jails on criminal charges. The seven and odd policemen who greeted Munnabhai with cheers have been given suspension orders.

It is natural for the poor police men to get carried away by the big presence of media personnel and T.V cameras. To get photographed with the popular hero is every average Indian’s dream. What the profession pays extra for them to become above the ordinary service men and women? Is the upper staff are away from these fame bringing attitudes? Why only to blame the innocent low paid bottom of the ladder government staff?

A culture needs to be evolved for the entire Indian society to treat the criminals as criminals. They should not be worshipped even if they are Bollywood stars or political netas. It is because of the soft and glorifying attitude of the public, the criminals are not repenting their mistakes. The purpose of the punishment is to make the criminal to feel the crime s(he created and ensure it is not repeated again in the society. Unfortunately this is not served by the court verdicts. The hungama created by the media ensures the main motive of punishment is defeated.

The hardcore criminals arrested for rapes, bomb blasts, kidnappings, killings, robbery come out of the jails as if they won a mega battle. The simple answer every convict released gives out of the jail “Now my belief stands vindicated”. One does not know the difference between criminal and innocent. The line become thin with the loud noises created by television channels and newspapers. The 24×7 channels are in fact come as a major nuisance for the investigating agencies. As the majority of the public loves masala information, the media goes all out the way to collect and air the junk information. Resulting in competitive airing of the same story again and again.

The arrests, court hearings, jailing and release of film stars and politicians are very juicy news which the media would like to provide to its viewers and readers. Thus Salaman Khan and Sanjay Dutts become the centre of attraction.

In fact an actor or an individual can become more popular by doing negative activities than by contributing good to the society. The efficient and genuine people get less publicity than the bad ones.  The glorification of those bad people are on the rise. Those who uphold the law and rule are increasing bending below their knees to appease the criminals. This is a very sad development in the Indian society. An immediate action against all those who salute the criminals are necessary but it should not be only against the lower and innocent staff of the government. Those big politicians and bureaucrats who work behind the scène to bail out and glorify the criminals needs punishment. Then their will be change in the culture of the people not to worship the criminals. 


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