Welcome ICL

icl.jpgAt last there is a light at the end of the dark cricket tunnel. The national passion, emotion, reason, fever and the embodiment of Indian feelings are tucked in the game of cricket. Obviously any failure by the eleven men in blue sends shock waves among the Indians. The cause for the pathetic downfall of Indian cricket is basically over politicization of the game administration. Those who are suppose to manage agriculture and railway ministries are trying to govern the cricket boards. Naturally both the fields end up in a disastrous performance. The recent world cup knock out of Indian team had alerted the lovers of the game. A brave soul who did not wanted to weep over the demise of Indian action on the field came forward to setup a private league to identify and patronize the suitable players. Essel group’s chairman, Subhash Chandra took this bold step. Unfortunately there are opposition and hurdles coming on his way from the natural troubleshooters – politicians managing official cricket board (BCCI).

Not one Indian Cricket League (ICL) but there can be hundreds of such forums to support hidden sports talents across the country. It does not matter if they commercialise the game and sports. What ultimately matters is the showcase of the best Indian talents at the world level. Every Indian should be happy to support such a move. After all cricket is India’s national religion! Why not all the disciples of this hidden religion unite and push the private forums ahead. Atleast the success of the ICL will correct the wrong thinking actions of the futile BCCI. 


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