Cyber slacking

cyber-slacking.jpgUsing office computer and cyber resources for personal benefits is called cyber slacking. In India nearly 70% of the internet users send email, social network, chat, listen to online music, and watch digital movies during the office hours. According to the Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) survey more than 70% of the workers utilize office internet and computer for individual  pleasure. The audit report conducted by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) also confirms this trend. Knowing well about the drainage of office resources and time unproductively majority of the mega companies have blocked internet sites which allow workers to chat and social network. For instance all the call centre companies have prevented other than their site to be opened during office hours. Here the staff feel bored and do not even have time to e communicate with friends. Risa (22) works in an international call centre in Delhi. She goes to her work at 2 p.m and reaches home by 12 a.m. She cannot open any other internet site except her company’s. There is no time for her to do check her email or social network. Whenever her friends working in non BPO sector talk high about Orkut or Facebook or yahoo chat, she will deprived of the cyber happenings. Apart from putting headphone and conversing with her global customers she meets her colleagues over coffee. Not even she is allowed to make personal phone calls. The same feeling was shared by Rishabh, Mirnal, Surbhi and Piyush from Bangalore and Pune.

In small companies it is easy for the management to watch the type of site watched or surfed by the staff. Mostly the cyber control is not exercised due to the close relations exists between the long surviving members. However due to frictional work relations many employees get fired by the bosses. Dhanu (34) works a communications manager in a NGO in Chennai. His computer is visible to all the seven employees in his office including his director. The Orkutting fever caught him six months back and it spread to the entire office. Even he forced the director to open one Orkut account. Now the director says “it is getting out of hand. Neither I am able to rein in them nor I am able to control myself from orkutting”.

Ramya (27) worked in a paper manufacturing company in Mumbai. Although only 12 people worked with her in the corporate office, her boss was extremely angry with her . He noticed her sending scraps to friends in orkut. The next day she was served termination notice. The complaint reads “During office hours, she surfs unproductive sites which is irrelevant to the company’s work and benefits. She wasted the resources for personal pleasure. Her continuation will infect other employees with motivation to use office resources for individual entertainment”. 

The history button in the computer can give the sites visited by employees in office. But very few bosses this technique to monitor their workers. A step above is the networked computerization which is available in most of the big offices. All the computers in a office are connected to a server. The boss or any one can find out what others are doing with their computers. Rarely this method is used. Even if it is used it will be only selectively to chuck out the employees who antagonize the boss or top colleagues.

Now the cyber slacking is becoming troublesome for many employees and employers.  It needs to be controlled to use the office resources for betterment of productivity and customer satisfaction.s


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