Emotional infidels

emotioanl.gifEmotions are very essential part of human lives. Rarely people are devoid of emotions in everyday livings. Family forms the primary emotional backup for an individual. In case of the lack of emotional support from the family then the individual turns to friends and colleagues. This can be called as emotional infidelity and those who opt for this method are called emotional infidels.

In the ultra modern developmental age where nuclear family is the norm people find it impossible to share their problems, excitement, agony, anxieties and outbursts. One person apart the emotional individual stays at home. Both of them are not in talking terms for days. What will the emotional person do with her feelings? As a Double Income No Kids Society (DINKS) the affected individual turns to her/his colleague for sharing and caring. The primary purpose of the family is diverted to a third person. When the days pass off the emotional dependence turns into physical proximity and sexual intercourses. Many women and men care less for their bad looking spouses. They have options to spend two-third of their days with the person of their second choice. An office colleague can be those people who provide emotional backup and sexual satisfaction.

Indians are mastering the method of emotional infidelity. As a cross mixture of conservatism and liberalism today’s Indians are practicing emotional infidelity with vengeance. Without leaking it to outside world much the new age emotional heroes and heroines are devising highly secure ways to escape from getting caught. How they do not get trapped by family and friends is the big question before the researchers. According to the available information very few of the emotional infidels are exposed. The reasons are many. One, they pretend faithful spouse at home. Two, the emotional infidels tell everything to spouse except the sexual intercourse. Three, they are very careful not to repeat the extra emotional and sexual dependent’s (EESD) name inside home often. Four, they do not appear in public with  EESD. Five, they sooth their spouse with extraordinary care and affection. What else a spouse needs? With this behavior a man or woman will be hardly forced to suspect his or her spouse.

Rita Chadha (36) works in a national newspaper as its research editor. Her husband Ajay Chadha (40) is fat and bald. Due to family arrangements the beautiful looking Rita got married to Ajay who is shorter than her. Despite all the negative physical comparisons, Rita never got into arguments or abuses. As a family given script she took her marriage without rebellion. Although economically and socially the family is well off, Ajay’s physical backwardness creates murmurs in external gatherings. Wherever she goes out the crowd pass comments about the mismatch couple. More importantly Ajay is very short tempered and sexually weak. He abuses her daily and attacks Rita sometimes. Any amount of plea with him was  of no use for high class journalist. Both of them stay with their four year old son. Rarely parents visit them as they stay in a semi urban town in Punjab. After office hours, Rita encounters her husbands verbal hurting and physical thrashings. She withstood all these tortures because her family and one child.

She was not able to share emotions and problems in office with none. As her husband is physically and verbally abusive, he could not provide right mind frame for his wife. She can’t express her sadness to four year child. Neither she went out after office hours nor did visitors come to her house. In this scenario, Rita got Roshan (36) in his office. He is very tall, dark and handsome. Initially both of them sat together during lunch times. Slowly they started sharing family and personal problems. They found their troubles identical and started spending more time together. Soon their problem sharing and emotion exchange led to full blossomed sexual intercourse.

Like this case thousands of Indians and people all over the world enter in to extra emotional relationships. They become emotional infidels after failing to get the required human touch at home. This tribe is growing with more and more women entering work. But cleverly they do not allow the news about EESD leaked to the third person. They also disconnect any communication channel between the spouse and office if there is anything in existence or do not allow one to be started. With the emergence of high class consumer society nothing is at stake except money and fun. Emotional infidels are unleashing their whims and fancies inside the office cabins and be faithful spouses inside their homes.  

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