Victimising the Dalai Lama

dalai-lama.jpgFifty years is very long time in the history of Chinese occupation of Tibet. Factually Tibet was an independent state till the Chinese forcibly thrown out its people in 1958. The spiritual supremo of Tibet – the Dalai Lama was compelled by His people unanimously to flee for life. Despite the tender twenty eight year old leader resisting the idea of running away for life leaving His people to the forces of Chinese, His followers had their way. After trekking for days, the Dalai Lama reached India. Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister who is also a popular peacenik and visionary statesman gave the Dalai Lama and his supporters’ political asylum. This history seems to be very short. But the atrocities and devastation which the Tibetans both inside and outside their home space faced is horrific. Chinese who were victimized by Japanese did not even think for few seconds about the heart burnings of the victims. They had thrown their pains of forced occupational atrocities committed by Japanese on the air. From genocide to cultural devastation to ecological destruction to religious killings to political brainwashing, the Chinese did not leave a single crime in Tibet. All the possible and impossible inhuman acts were committed on the Tibetans. Cleverly they insulated the issue of Tibet’s autonomy from the foreign discussions. Despite the entire world supporting the Tibetan cause, Chinese very shrewdly manipulated the situation and evaded the minimum possible solution. The Dalai Lama who is the most revered and respected personality in the world requested the Chinese to confer the autonomy to govern their home land – Tibet. Repeatedly He made his point extremely clear. He was keen to save the Tibetan ecological and cultural zones for the sake of safeguarding the major part of the Asian continent from natural disasters. Damaging Tibetan ecology in the name of development or steady killing of Tibetan community is in the negative interests of the Asian continent. Many rivers from Nepal to Cambodia have its origin in the mountains of Tibet. Any damage to the eco system of Tibet will have its repercussions elsewhere in Asia. This repeated plea was shot down by Chinese. The Dalai Lama’s cry for making Tibet a peace zone was given an ill-treatment by the Chinese. The rest of the world pleads its helpless state. Chinese are the one who cannot be mended by requests or trade sanctions or political boycotts. In the last few decades they have mastered the art of diluting global strictures to force their point. There is no flexibility or any interest to find solution to the impending problem. Their one point agenda is that Tibet is an unquestionable and integral part of China. Knowing well the rigid position of China and the world’s helpless position, the Dalai Lama put forth a proposal that needed Tibetans only autonomy to govern themselves under the one country obsession of China. For every inch of flexibility from the Dalai Lama Chinese were moving every inch of rigidity. The solution to these five decades problem seems to be stretching far and now it seems to be impossible. The Dalai Lama is an undisputed spiritual cum governing leader of the millions of Tibetans for centuries. Especially the present incumbent – IVth Dalai Lama is not only revered by Tibetans but almost seventy five percent of the global population. The Chinese have tried all their tricks to create a division among the Tibetans to kill the authority of the Dalai Lama. Overcoming all the heinous crimes, the Tibetans have shown extraordinary resolute and will to defend their leader. If there is one disappointment Tibetans have with the Dalai Lama is that the peaceful approach to the Chinese. The common feeling of the majority of Tibetans is that too much of peace negotiations with Chinese would not yield the required results. They are showing the fifty long years of evidence. Under this heart boiling circumstances, thousands of Tibetans wanted to curb Chinese image building exercises. In the urge to emerge as the superpower and rival America at the global stage, China is showcasing its strength. Prelude to this path, Olympics is hosted in few months time. From the time China bid for the Olympics, Tibetans tried their best to stop their victory. But the Dalai Lama supported the Chinese in hosting Olympics. Unlike other global leaders the Dalai Lama moves in the extreme peace path. He has the unparallel will and strength to give the maximum space to his opponents and get the minimum possible benefits. Unfortunately the Chinese did not reciprocate this super human gesture. If today the Tibetans are willing to face the tanks and gunfire of the Chinese the latter should own their responsibility for its careless attitude to the Dalai Lama’s proposals. Still time is there for the Chinese to correct their five decades crime. On the occasion of Olympics unveiling Wen Jiabo and Hu Jinato should take the lead and announce the autonomy to Tibet. The Dalai Lama should be invited to the Olympics inaugural and this minimum possible historic announcement should be made. If this step can be taken then the entire world will salute China and automatically its stature will skyrocket. Needless to say China naturally moves to the superpower identity.