Techno Terrorists

Technology is the main catalyst for terrorism. Without using technology terrorists may not have weaved a global network. From bomb making to recruiting to blasting, a heavy dependence on technological support is required. With a click of the mouse, terrorism can be exported and imported. Internet, computers, mobile phone and satellite television are aiding terrorists to achieve their terror goals. On the other hand, intelligence agencies and police forces are lethargic in tapping the technology in arresting terrorism. The main specialty of contemporary technology – death of space and time is fully used by terrorists.


A disrupting trend is that more and more educated youth are involved in terrorist activities. Neither money nor fame is the motive behind these highly qualified terrorists. In the name of God they are brainwashed and pressed into destructive ventures. Osama Bin Laden and Al Zawahari are the leading techno terrorists. Osama a son of a wealthy Saudi construction tycoon graduated in civil engineering before taking guns. Al Zawahari is an oncologist (cancer specialist). The top commanders of Al Qaeda are masters in technology use with professional educational qualifications.  They have inspired hundreds of well educated youth to jump into terrorist networks. Today there are local and global terror groups actively operating. No exaggeration to say terrorism and technology are hand-glove.


In the first week of October 2008, Mumbai police busted a techie racket involved in large-scale bomb blasting. They were the software brains of Indian Mujahideen behind sending terror mails. These young educated terrorists were responsible for the chain of bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Surat.


Mohammad Mansoor Ashar Peerbhoy (31) Principal software engineer with global internet giant Yahoo/salary Rs.19 lakh a year


Mubin Kadar Sheikh (alias Salman) (24)/Senior technical support advisor with a corporate firm


Asif Bashir Shaikh (22) Mechanical engineer in Pvt firm


According to a news report of the Times of India, police recovered, “sleep-inducing tables, anesthetic injections, radio and Wi-fi signal detectors, bullet-proof jackets, two country-made 9mm pistols, 5 laptops, 6 CPUs, 3 pen drives, provocative CDS and literature are some of the materials recovered from the arrested terrorists  (‘MNC technie sent terror emails”, TOI, 7 October 2008, P.1).


There are various reasons behind the persistence of techno-terrorists. The counter-terror mechanisms of Governments are proceeding in a slow pace. In fact they are not able to cope up with the speed of educated terrorists. Maryann Lawlor writing in The Signal brings out this hard fact thus; “Web surfers use the DNS every day. It provides the mapping from a Web site’s domain name to an IP address. The DNS does not authenticate identification and that vulnerabilities in this system have been documented for the past 10 years. As a result, crackers can hijack traffic by sending e-mail messages that appear to come from companies such as Google or Bank of America, and users do not know the difference”.


The world needs a consolidated force to tackle this techno terrorist menace. From Ahmedabad to London to New York to Baghdad to Kabul they need to be nabbed timely and punished. Allowing educated people to claim fame and lay hands on huge money will be inspiring many more such youth which can prove disastrous to the harmonious world order.





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