Multi-layered harmony needed

At the moment, there is restlessness, turbulence and agitation in every sphere of the global society. Economic crisis is considered to be the trigger villain of the social shambles. But a careful look at the current crisis will point out the long term accumulation of multiple instigators. From the lack of inner peace in a substantial number of human beings around the world to enveloping trouble in the external environment, there is a visible disconnect. The individuals who make up the society were misguided and hooked to the false fortress of quick growth. They were forced to feel that there is no tomorrow to enjoy and everything must be exhausted at the very moment of life. One of the popular quotes in the global circuit today captures this mood of the masses aptly, “eat the desert first. There may be not time to eat everything”. What is needed urgently at this hour of grave global crisis is the harmony in every layer.

To create a conducive atmosphere for peace in the world first of all we need to sanitize hearts and minds of maximum number of the world people. The universal harmony starts with personal peace. If the efforts to cool down agitated minds were maximized and operated with full force we may not have landed in such a deserted situation. Nevertheless it is not too late to act. The first step to restore the social peace is to calm down individuals. Spiritual gurus, peaceniks and even enlightened politicians can embark on this journey.

The consumer economy has unfortunately seduced every section of the society into greedy consumption process. Beyond the need the consumption level has shoot up to the sky high. Even the traditional social healers like spiritual gurus have unfortunately become the victims of consumer culture. They have also been captured into the hypnotic spell of consumerism. From religious leaders to judicial heads every important person in the society has been tightly tied to the high consumer chain. What they earn legally is not enough to pay for the temptations of hi-fi consumer society. To earn the extra legal money corruption is the only available option. When corruption creeps into the minds of those who matters most and who are suppose to safeguard the society then there is a red signal for the joyride of the entire society. To me this has become the single most factors in creating and sustaining the present problems. It would not be an exaggeration to call ‘Blind consumerism is the mother of all present problems’.

There is none to listen to the grievances of common people. Everywhere money speaks, truth and justice gets silenced. A poor young boy who was swindled by his college management despite securing very high marks without losing hope goes to the police for assistance. They demand heavy bribe from him. He refuses to pay and goes to the court for justice. The judge takes bribe from the accused and collaborates with the police to foist drug smuggling case against the applicant. A sincere youth who had full faith in the law and justice of the modern systems lost his hope forever after he was thrown behind the cruel bars. He comes out of the jail as a criminal. Instead of correcting the criminals as good citizens, our system converts good citizens into criminals.

In another case, a young girl goes to the law enforcing authorities about unsolicited sexual advances harassment by her boss at work. Tragically she got gang raped by the policemen in the station where she had gone to complaint. If the fence itself eats the grass whom to be blamed? Who can trust? Who can believe in the law and order mentioned in the paper? It is high time to sanitize the whole society.

To me redeeming the world citizens from the high speed consumer culture will be the precursor to universal harmony. With money, money everywhere syndrome, ethics is lost, humanity is killed and future direction is blinded. Human beings by themselves would not walk in the right direction. They need sign boards. It should not be one sign board in wilderness. There needs to be regular direction guidance in the lonely journey. When the bold and bright signboards are present there is less difficulty for the life travelers to reach the destination. It is time to install signboards for the smooth movement of the society.

Who will start? Many of those who are shouting singly should come together leaving petty personal egos for the sake of humanity. From the east, from the west, from the north and from the south, everyone who is fighting for generating the right social order should join hands to create the harmony in every layer of the society. It can be a grand federation. If that is not possible, there can be local level co ordinations. Those who take up this mission ought to be devoid of cutthroat desires. The present situation pushes people to follow hook or crook method. Those who can withstand and finally thwart the seductive consumerism can be part of this social sanitizing mission. Those who talk harmony and peace needs to be stronger than those who roam with guns and bombs.

Any amount of provocation should not allow the peaceniks to drop their mission and take guns in response. The terrorist elements and vested interests cleverly provoke friendly atmosphere to collapse and hatred to take the centre stage. This is evident from the Indo-Pak relations. Whenever there is a terrorist attack the first victim is the peace process. It is understandable from the Indian government points of view that double play of Pakistan agonizes it limitlessly. To answer, India wants to fire missiles across the border. Will this be the terror arresting solution? There will be once again freezing of commercial and cultural contacts. People to people relations, government to government relations will be pushed backwards. The painfully built process should be not sacrificed by the provocative attacks of terrorists emanated across the border.

It may be true that the terrorists who attacked hotels and railway stations in Mumbai in the month of November 2008 came from Pakistan. But reacting with arms and ammunitions will damage the two nations peace for one more decade. The fragile peace process should be sustained at any cost. The onus lies squarely on the Indian government which is known for high democratic credentials. The land of Buddha, Ashoka and Gandhi need to rise again and withstand the terror slaps again and again given by the terrorists. Instead of airing hurt sentiments, it should engage with Pakistan more vigorous manner and take all those in the power corridors of the neighbhour on board. There is no other way to create long-term peace in the subcontinent.

If the immediate concern is south Asian peace the rest of the world is not insulated from violence. Every corner is affected by one crisis or the other. Along with terrorism, economic crisis is threatening to shatter the fabric of the global society. Loss of any human life to any problem is equally dangerous. According to the recent statistics provided by the National Crime Bureau, “India loses 34 lives per hundred victims to suicide deaths. Only 7 people per hundred are killed in terrorist violence”. One needs to plug the loopholes in every corner of the society. This is common to every country. In the United States 24 lakh people have lost their employment last year alone. There is total restlessness in their minds. After 1930s the churches in America are witnessing record attendance. In Chicago there is 50% rise in the church attendance. Religious managers are finding difficult to cope up with the crisis.

In summary I present the modus operandi for creating multi layered harmony in the global society.

1. Catch hold of young and old, men and women who have steel strong mentality
2. All those who come under this global harmony creation mission should have duty, discipline and devotion as their basic traits
3. They have universal harmony in mind without petty consumer desires
4. The group is a collection of individuals which is keen about their duties rather than agitating for their rights without performing the former.
5. They spread out to all corners with a message to sooth the rough edges of people’s lives
6. Be a listener rather than a speaker all the time
7. Fuse modern technology in spreading the message of universal harmony
8. Right knowledge of religion to counter the false propaganda by few extremism who spread wrong message to recruit terrorists
9. Dance and music can be smoothies for the violence infected minds
10. Sports and creative engagements can divert the agitated people towards the right track
11. Narrow national interests and any form of parochialism ought to be abandoned
12. Starting with the message of harmony the group will go on to solve the problems of people. Long time talk with no help to mitigate the sufferers lives will not bear any good fruits in the long run
13. It is a long, consistent and persistent battle. Those who get in should not expect instant results and fame.
14. Crucial to protect the messengers of harmony from any form of stimulation, temptation and instigation. Purity of mind is essential for the success of mission
15. Those who crave for power, position and penny should be filtered out in the induction stage

This is not the world’s first and last attempt to create global harmony. Millions of people and thousands of movements have cropped in the past. They have sacrificed everything for world peace. The above mentioned duty charter is a leaf out of those who struggled in the past and it is the straight lesson learnt from the previous mistakes. If this charter of points is implemented there is less scope for the derailing of dream to create a clam world order where there is a win-win situation rather than the present zero-sum game.


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