Halt Holiganism In Mangalore

mangaloreHalt Hooliganism in Mangalore

Cultural policing is common in certain parts of the country. After the people’s recognition of Shiv Sena with political mandate there are several groups trying to ape its model. Luckily most of these groups were rejected by people and lost steam in due course. Sri, Rama Sene (SRS) a fringe group in Mangalore attacked a pub where girls and boys were dancing. SRS founder Pramod Mutalik told that there is no need to raise a hue and cry about the Mangalore pub attack on women on Saturday.  “Women were being misused and misguided. We oppose this. Women have to be protected as the law has failed. Parents are worried about their wards going astray in materialistic pursuits. We are the custodians of Indian culture, he said.


Times of India (27.1.2009 p.6) reports “Mutalik is the national president of the right-wing political group, Rashtriya Hindu Sena. The SRS founded in late 2007 is its militant outfit. Mutalik is apologetic about inconvenience caused to the girls but thinks that the hue and cry is all to sully the image of the BJP government in Karnataka.


Times view “Organisations like the Sri Rama Sene are emboldened to act as they did in Mangalore because the cost-benefit equation works out very well for them. The benefit from such boorish moral policing is in the form of national publicity that lures fresh recruits to the ‘cause’. And the costs is possible arrest and a very short jail term. It’s important, therefore, to raise the costs. In this case, for instance, they could be charged under Section 153A that deals with offences against public tranquility and carries a sentence of up to three years. It must be used not just against the actual miscreants, but also office-bearers of the Sene. Rigorous prosecution leading to conviction should help persuade them to desist from such anti-social behaviour in future.”


MNS, SRS and likes should be completely crushed. The government needs to have spinal cord. Unfortunately none of those in the power corridors have will to act. All of them are staying to keep their position alive. If there was a stern action against the hooliganism in the past they may not ventured out again. Voting in such hooligans to power inspires other groups. Naturally they aspire to become prototypes of Shiv Sena and hope to grab the upper power in ten years or twenty five years. It is another matter that most of these groups fizzle out in the middle. There is no other way than to crush the self proclaimed moral police forces.


Slum Age’s Arrival

slumAfter Slumdog Millionaire’s Golden Globe awards sweep and nomination to the Oscars all attention is on the slums. One needs to wait and watch how far the present excitement is going to help the slum dwellers. P. Chidambaram told BYST (Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust of CII) audience “lot of young men and women in slums have the necessary qualities of being innovative and are willing to take risks to carry out a business venture”.


The Times of India (27.1.2009, p.1&3) brought out the successful slum dwellers across the country.


Vicky Roy (21) ran away from his home in Purulia in West Bengal when he was 11 years old. This poor tailor’s son have bright dreams brimming from his eyes. He used to be a rag picker after arriving in Delhi. Salam Balak Trust got hold him and took him to school. He completed class IXth through the trust. Today the slum dweller of Delhi is a celebrated international photographer. This former rag picker is going to shoot the reconstruction work of World Trade Center and study advanced photography in Visual Arts Institution in New York. In his maiden exhibition abroad, Vicky brought “Street Child” to the world through his photos. This exhibition was a big hit in London, Durban and Cape Town


Luck came to Vicky during his stay in Salam Balak Turst. He says “At that time  , a foreign filmmaker came to the trust to make a documentary and I realized photography was where my heart lay. I followed him around and tried to understand the nuances of shooting. But the real break in 2005 when I was 18 and was picked up by a renowned photographer. I jumped at the job which paid me Rs.3,000 and got me a cellphone and a bike”


Sanjay Malhotra (25) is a transformed man today. From a street bully near Sai Baba mandir, Lodhi road, Delhi few years back, Malhotra is rendering social service by rehabilitating poor people. Through a NO Chetna (Childhood Enhancement through Training & Action)


Rani escaped from a marriage to a man double his age when she was 14. She used to sell pooja materials and sundry items in Delhi’s Kalkaji temple. Today she is the leader for 5000 street children. Recently she was awarded for Clean India Campaign in Hyderabad.


With above 20% extreme poverty and 15% of the urban population leaving in slums it is essential to focus on these unprivileged areas. If there is already identification survey carried out in all the slums in the country then it should be used to rehabilitate the slum dwellers in low cost housing with all essential facilities. Adequate space, school, hospital recreation facilities, sports and revenue generation activities should be provided.


There are innumerable loopholes and vast corruption are there in the slum rehabilitation programs. Although a separate wing in the government works with a budget of sizeable amount of Rs.1000 crores annually it is less effective. The biggest reason is all round corruption. In Delhi last year Ashok Malhotra, a canteen operator in the secretariat made a huge fortune by buying and selling slum lands. Now the government and likes of Chidambaram should get into the microscopic issues in uplifting the poor. Simply allocating money is not enough. India needs to sustain well-motivated people to solve the perennial crisis like slums. Otherwise it can only become silver screen hits with the extreme poverty, slums and corruption.

Softpedaling Criminals

criminalsFreeing hardcore criminals before their punishment schedule goes off is currently the world fashion. From Guantanamo Bay to India, governments are tuned into release criminals. The most pressing problem is human rights. In the Gutanamo Bay the American troops have crossed all limits and tortured the detainees below all human methods. In the seven years of Bay there were four suicides, hunger strikes an innumerable complains about third grade tortures. This has created anger among the public on the American government. That is the reason Barack Obama had issued his first presidential order to close the infamous Bay in next one year and stop all sorts of punishment execution for next 120 days.



“The guiding principles for closing the center should be protecting our national security, respecting the Geneva Conventions and the rule of law, and respecting the existing institutions of justice in this country. I also believe we should revitalize efforts to transfer detainees to their countries of origin or other countries whenever that would be consistent with these principles. Closing this center and satisfying these principles will take tie and is the work of many departments and agencies.” Said Admiral Blair in a statement


Obama wants to close all the secret camps of USA. The order disarms CIA from torturing detainees and takes away its boundless powers.  He may want to convey the humane angle of his personality. But this has caught the minds of other countries rulers too. One can feel that there is a swing on the extreme right- from torture to total freedom for the criminals. This does not augur well for the smooth going of society. Punishments are necessary to control crime.


In India the criminal procedure code (Crpc) got amended without much discussion in the Lok Sabha. The new amendments are soft on the criminals. Jag Suraiya writes in The Times of India (21.1.2009) “Who says the law is an ass? If you’re a criminal, or a would-be criminal, in India the law is a gas. And it just gassier. On December 23, 2008, the Lok Sabha gave criminality a Christmas bonaza by passing a radically amended Criminal Procedure Code Bill – along with seven other Bills all of which were passed within a mere 17 minutes without any time-wasting frivolities such as debate and discussion – which, in effect, prevents law enforcement authorities from arresting someone who has committed a crime which carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.”


For false way of safeguarding human rights the government should not sacrificing its prime duty of steering a crime minimal society. One reason for this new amendment to relax detention rules may be the overflowing number of prisoners and exorbitant cost in maintaining them. Again there was no fair play in the detention. For petty crime of spitting pan on the enemy’s face a man was jailed for 2 years. This is another extreme way of punishment. At present 30 million cases are pending in India’s courts. Naturally the undertrials are growing in the jails.

Maharastra            15,784

Madhy Pradesh      15,777

The 1,140 central, district and sub jails with total capacity of 2,33,543, currently house 3,26,519 inmates of which as many as 66.7 per cent are undertrials. Each prisoner, convict or undertrial costs the taxpayer an average of Rs.11,901.30 (2003-04) figures per annum in maintenance.


The government of India should apply logic and understand the consequences of the relaxation given to the hardcore criminals. While improving the policing and legal mindsets it should be tough on crime. Already innumerable loopholes block the law enforcing authorities in swiftly punishing the criminals. This is what happens if the government over centralizes its administration. Criminal justice is the core area of governance. Can we say the Indian forefathers were visionaries to enforce village level justice system. If we modernized the village legal systems without completely destroying it India may not have to come to the stage where justice takes four decades to come.

Real Estate Madness

real-estateIndians are capable of outsmarting anyone in the world. With the growing number of millionaires and billionaires there is a skyrocketing of real estate price. More than the value of the land hype and sensationalism built around the real estate pushes price to unimaginable level. This is clear from the rental of mere 133 sq.ft shop  on Delhi’s Ramgarhia, Safdarjung Road which is opposite to AIIMS for Rs.12,09,000 per month. This is Rs.9,022 per sq.ft a month. This higher than New York’s Fifth Avenue which charges Rs.10 lakh for the same piece of shop, Hong Kong’s Causeqay Bay (Rs.9.8 lakh) and Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris (Rs.6.25 lakh). Even in Khan Market of Delhi which was charging the costliest rent till yesterday got Rs1.45 lakh for the same size of shop in rent.


Steep Rates

The rates at which shops are

Rented out in the world’s most ritzy locations


Country                     City               Street                        Rental

India                          Delhi             Safdarjung Road       Rs.12,09,000

USA                           New York     5th Avenue                Rs.10,15,000

Hong Kong                Hong Kong   Causeway Bay          Rs.  9,80,000

France                        Paris              Champs Elysees       Rs.  6,25,000

Italy                            Milan           Via Montenapoleone Rs.   5,40,000

Ireland                        Dublin          Grafton Street            Rs.  4,50,000

UK                              London         New Bond Street       Rs.4,45,000

Japan                           Tokyo           Ginza                         Rs. 4,40,000

Switzerland                 Zurich           Bahnhofstrasse          Rs.  4,00,000



Source: The Times of India 23.1.2009, p.1 & 3


Is this world’s costliest shop for rent announces the arrival of economic giant? If someone thinks India’s economy is decided on the basis of high rents then it is misleading. India cannot be this alone. It can be this and that. Along with this world highest rented shop it also houses poorest places. Slumdog Millonaire showcases the other side of the nation. For the drip down welfare there should be a moderation of real estate prices. Government intervention may not be the best idea but at the same time private sector is not the complete solution. A mix of both without red tapism should be unveiled at the earliest to smoothen the real estate prices.

Rich and Poor Mallya

mallayVijay Mallya the colourful corporate honcho wears many hats at a time. He fancies Tipu Sultan’s sword, Ferraris, latest jets and costliest yachts. After UB group unveiled King Fisher airlines Mallya hogged global limelight for his entrepreneurial adventures. He turned off the low cost airlines cultures and tuned in king on the skies style. This was his successful turn around of the industry. He always broke stereotypes and set high standards.


In the recession affected economy he chooses to be an ordinary industrialist rather than a smart corporate hero. He got submerged in the global corporate fashion of carrying begging bowl to the government quarters for bailout. A month back he applied for a bailout of his King Fisher. He told government authorities that he is almost broke and no money to sustain his airlines. While giving this dark picture about his financial situation he went on to spend lavishly on his personal fancies.


 This contradictory lifestyle of Mallya had got him equated with other corporate fraudsters. In USA this double standards of corporate heads are common. While their companies are reeling under meltdown crisis their salaries and lifestyles are the same. They might have chucked out million workers but they have not scaled down their expenses.


In the latest spin off Mallya had stirred public controversy over his buying intention of an island off Monte Carlo. The news report put that Mallya paid between $100 million and $150 million (Rs.500 to Rs.750 crore) for the private island near Monte Carlo. He puffed off the rumour.


Mallya own islands in Maldives and Lakshadweep. He also bought 1000 acres of land in Himalayas. This land is going to be used for mountain tourism. The UB group chairman runs Mabula Game Lodge near Johannesburg in South Africa.  This lodge is 12,000 hectares which is one of the largest and finest private game reserves.


The Times of India (23.1.2009) p.13 reports “Mallya’s lifestyle – the sheer lavishness of it – leaves most bedazzled. He has houses around the globe; castles in Scotland, town houses in London, Monte Carlo, Manhattan (Trump Towers), Sausalito and innumerable properties in India. While ‘Niladri in Mumbai and ‘Kingfisher Villa’ in Goa are the best known, he has hidden gems like the heritage, colonial bungalow with the best garden in Ooty, besides houses in Delhi and his home town Bangalore.


His three yatchs: Idian Empress, Indian Princess and Kalizma, his four private jets, his 240 strong vintage car collection, his Force India Formula 1 tem and thoroughbreds not to mention the Porsches, Bentleys, Maserattis and Ferraris make Mallya the most colourful of Indian businessmen.”


One should not complain about Mallay’s lifestyles. As long as he keep his business profit and loss to himself. During profit session he did not help Government with funds nor he gave a good sum for the social cause. But he came to the government to eliminate his loss and asked for waiving off the pending arrears with AAI and oil PSUs. This is totally contradictory and shames him in the eyes of public. Whatever he fancies is tabloid news and it helps others to compete for such a lifestyle. Although it negatively races the consumer culture it can be allowed. One thing which cannot be tolerated is his selective application of rich and poor status of himself according to the situations. If he wants social support and government aid he should help both when his finances are sound.

Judges should be accountable

judgesSome people wanted to escape from accountability. Some are protected due to their sensitive jobs. Judiciary has the immunity from day-to-day pin pricks. This is given to the guardians of constitution to defend them from any sort of trouble. A professional without protection cannot deliver his duty properly. Unfortunately this magnanimous rule has been misused by few people in the judiciary. In the wave of open information some people are demanding that judges should be brought under the income disclosure and be available for scrutiny. This has pros and cons.


With judiciary getting tainted in several corruption cases including the infamous Provident Fund case of Ghaziabad, the demand to include judges in the asset disclosure sounds reasonable. Extreme corruption and nepotism have infiltrated into every sphere of the society. Judiciary is not an exception. Most times India is proud to have efficient and honest judges. Sometimes black cats enter judiciary and spoil the image of the highest rule safeguarding body. They are big blot in the society.


Instead of putting a blanket ban on scrutiny of judges there should be efficient mechanism to expose corrupt elements and at the same protect the honest officers. Without a visionary approach to the present problem, judiciary will be messed up. An internal mechanism to monitor the wealth of judges can be installed. Although the vigilance department is meant to tap the illegal eagles in government machinery its efficiency is doubted.


Fali S. Nariman the eminent jurist says “Judges of the highest court who have powers to life and death over us citizens, judges who can (and do) send people to jail to jail for contempt of its order must – I repeat must – show that they too are amenable to good practice”


“that is how they earn the respect of us commoners. We in India learn by example – never by precept. For judges of the highest court to litigate as to whether or not they should disclose their assets is as bad as judges going to the court on whether it was lawful for income tax to be deducted from the salaries they get! We have good judges, but we need more judicial wisdom”.


The Central Information Commission has asked judges to disclose their assets after a petition filled. The Delhi High Court stayed the order and now it has gone to the Supreme Court. Instead of dismissing the petition the Supreme Court must impose a code of self-regulation for judges to maintain integrity. The vigilance department should be active to tap erring judges and pass on the higher authorities for weeding them out immediately.

Rhetorical Obama Crowned

obamaRhetoric people can spin magic web around the world for themselves. In the recent past few leaders have captured the mood of the masses through their sweet and firm words. Barack Hussein Obama has become the latest rhetoric express to win the hearts of Americans and many around the world. In Japan more than 400,000 copies of “The speeches of Barack Obama” sold. With a lot of anticipation I was watching the swearing in ceremony of Obama like billion others in the world.


The much touted USA’s presidential oath taking was boring till Obama stepped into deliver his acceptance speech. One was made to wonder what the silly American hype about such a dead wood beating ceremony. A cheerful 2 million people gathered braving sub zero temperature. 1.3 bn people were watching from their television sets. But all complaints vanished after Obama took over the mike and punched those who gathered in front of him and around the billion television sets. He gave hope to the hope lost people. Obama gave a universal vision by promising to address the longstanding global problems. From alternative energy to checking terrorism to providing health to generously helping all nations, the president elected gave warm touch to the wounded hearts.


Over 45,000 soldiers were guarding the inauguration ceremony. More than 58 agencies were coordinating the security of the event. Everything was kept ready for any eventuality. Even there was an alternative president to swear in was kept. Robert Gates, US defense secretary the man who can become president of the formidable democratic nation incase Obama became a victim of terrorist attack was sitting in a secret location. The “designated successor” was equally protected like Obama.  Ku Klux Klan, neo Nazis, Al Qaieda and other violent groups are aiming to kill Obama. Pooh poohing all the threats the first African American president of the USA truly exhibited his universal leadership skills. No wonder people welcome him as the 21st century leader. Not only Americas expect from Obama but also billion others across the oceans are waiting for the dawn of good times. A qawali ceremony was organized in Nizamuddin in New Delhi.


To live up to the initial expectations of the people Obama thundered “hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord” as the route to handle the current economic meltdown.


Expressing the American responsibility he said “We have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly.”


“our time of sanding pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions – that time has surely passed,”


“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the work of remaking America”.


“Without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control. A nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous.”


“We say to you(terrorists) that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us and we will defeat you.”


“To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

“A man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served at a restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath”.


Now Obama has the challenge to turn his rhetoric to reality. Each of his promise should be hot pursued. There is no time to lose or wait. Four years will vanish thin in the thick air of politics. If he misses this opportunity then rhetoric value will be lost. From fixing the middle east problem to ushering human rights full world starting from Guantnamo bay Obama has his presidential plate full right now. He must give equal attention to the local and global issues. If he gets one-sided fate will embrace him like it did with Bill Clinton. One has to watch his actions carefully to check whether rhetorical president lived up to his promise.

Unstoppable Narendra Modi

modiNarendra Modi – The Chief Minister of Gujarat is the one of the most attacked public personalities in the recent past. Media, NGOs, opposition parties, diplomats, writers, artists, anyone and everyone slams Modi. Unconsciously they are aiding the growth and popularity of the most hatred man. People have got jobs for opposing Modi and some people have lost their jobs for praising the Gujarat hero. After the Godhra violence in 2001, Modi became an international villain. Local NGOs and political parties amply helped the media to vilify Modi. At the end Modi emerged stronger than before.


Recently Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal and Ratan Tata the corporate figures have lavished praise on Modi. It is nothing but natural for the business stars to talk high about the hosts. For their business interests the industrialists praise the local boss. This is common everywhere. But few words about Modi during the recently held Vibrant Gujarat summit have provoked a chain of Modi vilification campaign. As in the past this is going to help him to go stronger than diminish his existing image.


Ambani and Mittal have pitched Modi as the future Prime Minister. They speculated that India can grow multiple times better if Modi becomes the national boss. Next day of these statements saw media going hammer and tongs about business stars statements. Expectedly it brought harsh reactions from the political parties and surprisingly it sent shockwaves into the Advani camp. Already reeling under revolt from Bharion Singh Shekhawat, Kalyan Singh and Shatrugun Sinha, the BJP has one more headache to wardoff anti-Advani protests from insiders. Although Modi is carefully nurtured by Advani, increasing open praises for the Gujarat CM is creating jitters in the mind of prime minister in waiting.


Yesterday CPIM had suspended its Kannur member of parliament – Abdullah Kutty for saying few words about its high caliber administrative prowess. Earlier Bibek Debroy had to lose his job in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for listing Gujarat as number one state in the country’s development.


Undoubtedly these controversies are making Modi more powerful. The media is inventing a new philosophy and helping Modi to move up in the political ladder. Moditva, Modinomics and modi fied isms are giving the Gujarat CM a sole flavour in the national political circuit. Many people cutting across political parties and religions are keen to embrace Modi. This was very clear from the gathered members in the National Integration Council meeting held in Delhi last month. CMs across the political spectrum were competing to handshake with Modi.


The past violence in Gujarat must be forgotten. It should not be used by any force to revive tension in the state. If the past state violence is to be punished not only Modi but there are many heads to roll. We must ensure that there won’t be any further repetition of communal carnage in the country. His efficiency in racing the state in the development track should be praised by all. Modi got 8,500 MoUs worth Rs.12 lakh crore signed for new industrial projects during the Vibrant Gujarat summit. He had get the red tape, minimized corruption and put the bureaucracy at work. Such governance is needed to deliver justice and development to all cutting across religion and other divisions.

DDA’s Innovative Scam

ddaThe Delhi Development Agency (DDA) was started to usher well planned development in the national capital city. From a callous organization in the past it has become highly corrupt body. From top to bottom the DDA is full of crooks. There is no space for honest officers and workers. Even if there are few the peers condemn and pull them also into the corruption ring. When most of the work force is interested in only making money there is little scope for implementation of the planned work. Almost all the projects are executed in a hotch-potch manner. Result of the corrupt management is reflected in the extremely horrible infrastructure built by DDA. Most of the housing projects completed by the agency are considered fourth grade work. But only consolation people have with the DDA is security of the land they bought. Unlike private real estate builders, DDA flats are safe and secure. This makes people to go crazy in the capital whenever there is an announcement of DDA housing projects. In the latest DDA project, several corrupt elements have joined hands with insiders to corner flats meant for backward communities. This is one more instance of misused reservation for the backward communities. In numbers Total applications 5,66,906 General 5,09,337 SC 37,741 ST 9,147 Ex-servicemen 5,353 Physically Handicapped 5,163 War widows 165 There are 22 private banks and 3 nationalized banks which participated in the entire DDA process of offering loans to applicants on deposit of Rs.6000. These banks managed to corner nearly Rs.275 crore as interest on the loans given by them. (Times of India, 17.1.2009, P.3) The Widening Gap Total number of flats 5,238 Flats priced between Rs.7.95 lakh and Rs.77.80 lakh band Type of flat Location Price fixed by DDA Market price 3-bedroom Vasant Kunj Rs.47.70 lakh Rs.60 lakh 2-bedroom Shalimar Bagh Rs.23-27 lakh Rs.38-45 lakh 2-bedroom Rohini Sec-28 Rs.13-14.60 lakh Rs.35-40 lakh 1-bedroom Dwarka sect-11 Rs.11.90 lakh Rs.23.5 lakh Source; The Hindustan Times, 16.1.2009, P.3 Rogues Gallery M.L.Gautam (64) The alleged mastermind. He submitted more than 1200 application forms & got allotted 38 flats. He claimed to have inveted Rs.25 lakh, which he said he had borrowed. Gautam worked for 28 years in DDA. He joined as an LDC and retired as a telephone assistant in 2004 Raju Ram (30) A distant relative of Gautam. He invested Rs.9 lakh in the scheme and gave this money to Deepak Kumar on October 15. He had also received two cheques of Rs.4.5 lakh each as security. Deepak Kumar (30) A law graduate who first informed Uditraj about irregularities. Kumar helped the scamsters fill application forms and brought them together Lakshmi Narayan Meena (54): A local Meena leader in Jhunjhunu. He introduced the scamsters to people of his community & helped them get their details & certificates. He did not invest any money but received cash from dealers to get the signature of successful allottes. Suresh Kumar Meena and vijay Kumar are the two names that has cropped up during investigations. Both are absconding. Cops say they are the main investors. Source: Times of India, 17.1.2009, p.3 Over the years almost all the welfare schemes of the Government are cornered by greedy people through their own methods. It is difficult to seal the leakages. DDA has become the navratna company in corruption and inefficiency. Although there is a huge board outside the government offices saying that bribe giving and taking is equal crime fulfledged corruption goes on inside the offices. There is no shyness among the government employees in asking bribe. In fact people are so accustomed to the bribery, they too keep ready the share meant for babu and chaprasis. Unless we weed out the consumer vis a vis corrupt culture no government scheme will give productive results.

Outsourced Parenthood

Parenting is the one of the toughest jobs in the world. The hi-tech jobs of parents give less time to spend with their children. This gets complicated when both mother and father are working in indefinite work schedules. Impact of working parents on their children has been captured academically well. Divorce and family violence are increasing due to both parents working and failing to manage their children. There are many children whose both parents are away from home for many months. Those parents employed in the armed forces come home once in six months. Children of these parents are put in enormous emotional strain.

The United States has discovered a new method through internet. In its latest technological blitzkrieg, USA has unveiled virtual parenting to protect the children of its soldiers. The Department of Defense is inviting computer program which can entertain soldier’s children in the absence of their parents. When the parents are engaged in battle or off the telephone contacts, the defense departments expect the children to be engaged through virtual parents. There are 1,55,000 USA soldiers employed in Afghanistan and in Iraq who got their kids back home.

It says “the stresses of deployment might be softened if spouses and especially children could conduct simple conversations with their loved ones in immediate time of stress or prolonged absence”.

The proposed method would like to have a video footage of the real parents supplemented by artificial intelligence. They are also planning to put a three dimensional simulation. This is expected to strike a conversation with lonely children of soldiers and offer them emotional support. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) program is trying to hook children of three to five years. Even the officers are pessimistic about such a venture. “This is a technologically challenging application because it relies on the ability to have convincing voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and the ability to easily and inexpensively develop a customized application tailored to a specific parent.”

As in other cases this technological solution will prove to be temporary. Real parenting cannot be substituted by any other means. A careful parenting is necessary for the successful upbringing of a child. Any compromise on the care provided will be backfiring on parents. They need to make a choice firmly before entering parenthood. Either they can care their children or care their own pleasures. All time personal pleasure, job chasing or material accomplishments will confuse everything. At the end parents will land up in big trouble. There is no case where careless parenting had taken child to the real height. Most of the troubled childhood due to careless parenting has ended up in social destruction. Children who come from disturbed parenting are prone to violence and other anti-social activities. They involve in drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking and other health destructive activities apart from being social nuisance. It is high time for parents to make a choice. Virtual parenthood is a stop-gap solution with no positive impact on suffering children.


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