Afghanistan in Shambles

The mountainous nation of Afghanistan must have committed million horrific sins in the past. Otherwise why the people of this poor nation are compelled to face the death every minute. In the eighties Soviet Union fired bullets continuously to occupy Afghanistan for strategic reasons. In the proxy battle between America and Soviet Union innocent lives were pawned in the death board. After the demise of one superpower the other conquered Afghanistan without much gap for the development. In the small space of less than a decade terrorists have penetrated and strengthened. When the American proxies in Afghanistan went out of job after Soviet Union’s collapse they charted their own course of action.

War games are the favorite hobby of the unemployed patriarchs of Afghanistan. Those who are sitting in the mountains with many wives enjoy power without any responsibility. Piping a hookah and playing cards are commonly seen around the country. When the tribal leaders were passing time in unproductive yet harmless hobbies, a new form of Islamic terrorists came for help. Without much energy and time spent terrorists got the full support from the tribal leaders to wage a war in the name of Islam. These terrorists formed a quick coalition of frustrated Muslims across the world. From Saudi Arabia to Somalia to India, the new terror group with an aim to maim innocent lives in the name of salvaging Islam took shape.

The terrorists showed the wild card. Rape scenes, bombings and army excesses in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and other Muslim dominated places provoked the ordinary people. This was fully utilized by the terrorists and they got rich dividends. Along with this common strategy highly educated rich people like Osama Bin Laden and Ayaman Al Zawhari came with the thunderous message to save Islam from all forms of atrocities. They promised to create an Islamic world order.

With the growing poverty in most of the Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan and Indonesia a good hunt for the potential terrorists was completed. It was also the time of weaning support for the Talibans in Afghanistan. Due to the extreme radicalism and atrocities of Taliban common people lost faith in them. The alternative available was democracy mongering leaders who were untested in the governance of the country. But the Taliban totally eliminated those who are interested in democratic form of governance.

The regular killings between Taliban and democratic forces left Afghanistan shattered. In this shadow boxing silently Osama Bin Laden was developing a pan global network of Islamic terrorists to wage war against America and rest of the world. His idea was to capture the global attention by striking anything with heavy causalities. Osama’s Al Qaeda used technology and weaved a network of hardcore professionals from every field. Chemists, doctors, nano technologists, bio technologists, and every form of new technological superiority were infused into his army. This proved to be deadly for them to strike any country at their sweet will.

On 11 September 2001 few brainwashed terrorists of Al Qaeda hijacked planes from American airports. They rammed the planes into World Trade Centre and just missed Pentagon. Nearly 4000 people lost their lives. The lost lives were not only Americans. Migrant workers from all over the world became innocent victims to the mega global terror strike.

Immediately the American government under the kiddish presidentship of George Bush sent its troops and strikers to Afghanistan. The public proclamation of Al Qaeda immediately attracted air strikes into the mountains of Afghanistan. For the past seven years the American army is relentlessly pursuing its hot war but without much results. Afghanis who hate terrorism are killed. Children who don’t even understand terror are maimed. Yet the American army is not stopping its ‘no end war’.

There are 68,000 armed guards fighting to capture Osama and his men. American troops are 33,000 and its allied forces are 35,000. The numbers does not guarantee results. Soviet Union had 1,00,000 in the eighties yet lost its battle to Taliban forces. Americans should understand this sane logic and recall their bitter defeat in the war against Vietnam.

One likes to see the new American dispensation under Barack Obama to act intelligently to save itself and Afghanistan from any further mishaps. The American troops are trying innovative incentives to pull tribal leaders to its sides. They are providing Viagra to the elder tribals, fashion accessories to women and toys to children to extract information about terrorists. The global jehadi syndicate needs a global response. Any unilateral or vested play on terror control will be backfiring. I wish that General David Petraeus, the New Centcom Commander will mix adequate amount of reality with his military methods to put a full stop to terror in the region.


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