Agenda 2009

The New Year makes people to pen down their agenda. Most of the December 31 midnight wishes turn out to be empty ones after twelve months. Nevertheless people keep making their agenda and wishes. It is the same story with Governments around the world. Although nations do not make New Year wishes but it do plan for the year. Budget presentation is the New Year wish for the Government. Five Year plan is the agenda set for 5 long years. The year 2009 compels to make the goals of people and state clear and achievable. A constant watch over the plans and steps to turn those paper plans into a reality is needed. Generally both the government and people make plans and forget it in few hours. This New Year I wish our wishes get fulfilled through our own constant strivings.

The first and foremost wish of every citizen of the world is security. India, the worst victim of attacks on its security requires a foolproof safety valve to protect its people from the constant terrorist attack. Nearly 800 innocent lives were sacrificed to the terrorist killings in the past three years alone. Inspiring one hundred responsible citizens for every city can automatically save the country from any further terrorist strikes.

In the battle with jehadis we have only very ordinary people who are willing to divulge any information for few thousand rupees. These one hundred ready to die for their country anytime will be trained with the latest technological knowledge to be the eyes and ears of the nation. Along with these foot soldiers we need to clean up the administration.

With the fifth columnists heavily present administration it is impossible to save the country from terrorist strikes. A national inspiration committee comprising APJ.Abdul Kalam, E. Sreedharan, Ratan Tata, Narayanamurthy, Soli Sorbjee, Kiran Bedi, Amitabh Bacchan, Kapil Dev, Vishwanthan Anand, Madhuri Dixit and Amartya Sen can be formed. They will be addressing public meetings in cities, towns and villages to inspire people. The artistes can lead the cultural team to inspire people. In the moral deficit global society India needs to be saved from the chaos.

In parallel its human security – food, shelter, employment and other basic necessities should be improved drastically. A bit of carelessness in addressing the Bijli Sadak Paani (BSP) will increase the frustrations of the deprived. These accumulated frustrations can be one of the potential causes for common people becoming victims to the luring of terrorists. It is high time to shut the ordinary people’s door to terrorists. To ensure this scenario the government should plug the social and physical infrastructural loopholes.

The macro team will fine tune micro issues and put the nation at a state of safe and secure mode. Without the right inspiration at all levels it is impossible to save this vast nation from the terrorist attacks. There is an urgent need to combine quick result oriented efforts to solve the grievances of the common people. Technology must be put to right and instant use. It is possible to connect all corners of the country. If this connectivity can solve the problems of the people then India will have an army of 140 crore people to defend its soul and heart.


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