Stop Pounding Gaza

The Israeli air attack is not stopping. Its non stop strikes on the Gaza city have killed over 400 people in the last six days. The jsutification came out from the Israel government is that the Hamas terrorists are firing rockets into its southern cities. In the interest to defend its population, Israel government is striking out the terrorists. One cannot defend Israel or object to it. Defence is not possible due to across the board air strikes killing innocent lives. In the 30 attacks carried out in the last six days only one of the Hamas terrorist was killed. They have destroyed strategic spots of the Hamas. For every one terrorist’s life Israel is killing 400 innocent lives. This troubles those who love progressive civilization.

In a calculated strike it is possible to segregate common people and terrorists. Israel is in possession of high technological instruments to differentiate the two. Then why it is not killing the terrorists alone? Why it is using its intelligence and ground forces to capture the terrorists?

At the same time Israeli government has its duty to save its people and properties. Hamas cannot be supported and allowed with its terrorist activities. The six months old cease fire had a bit of cooling effect on the two sides. The only solution to the long pending problem is to bring the two groups to the talking table.

Without a give and take policy the region will continue to be the battle ground for the years to come. The international community should prevail upon both the sides to negotiate. Any casual approach to the Palestine problem by the world nations will have spill over effect. The deaths scenes in Gaza will embolden other countries to strike in a similar fashion. That will be the biggest bolt to the fragile peace processes in other regions..

The military strikes in Northern Sri Lanka will be justified. The Government of Sri Lanka will quote the Israeli attacks and justify its action. The Indian Government can give Gaza as example to strike Muzzarfabad to root out its strikers. The Governments of Sudan, Eriteria, Ethiopia will have a solid handle to restart their strikes against independence seeking separatists.

In the larger interests of the globe, Israel should abandon its air strikes. In the advanced world we need peace. Our scientists have invented super specialties to all the ailing problems. Unfortunately we have not yet discovered any method which can root out terror and military mentality altogether from the world. As long as the hawk mindset continues there is a less possibility for the meaningful continuation of the civilization. It all depends on the sane few to prevail upon the warmongering hawks. It is the battle between war and peace. It is the war between progressive and regressive civilizations. It is the battle between the good and evil. It is the battle between good and bad. It is the battle for survival of humanity.

Who will bell the cat is the crucial question? All those who believe in the long-term survival of the human civilization should join together and end all the hostiles. Anyone can talk war but only those who understand the meaning of human civilization can talk about peace. It is high time to increase the number of people who talk peace. Automatically war will collapse and peace will prevail in the globe.


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