Talibanistan is shaping up

Hindustan and Pakistan are fighting endlessly in the subcontinent. To defeat both, Talibanistan is taking birth comprising many Asian countries. Of course the terrorists are soon going to realize the dream of united Asia. From Afghanistan to Pakistan to Bangladesh, Taliban network is fast spreading. The transnational networks of terror mongers are coordinating their divisive plans well.

The North-West of Islamabad has recently witnessed a Taliban terror killing 40 people in a polling station. The car bomber suspected to be a member of the Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) an organization accused of killing the former Prime Minister – Benazir Bhutto. Its chief Baitullah Mehsud masterminded Bhutto’s murder. TTP and others terror groups have penetrated in the region to enforce their rules. Buner, a small town which is 160 kms away from Lahore is at the centre of TTP activities. From here start the command and control areas of Taliban. In short, Indian border from the Taliban dictated area in Pakistan is just 430 kms which is less than Bhopal, Lucknow, Patna and other state capitals distance to Delhi, the national capital.

The Taliban controlled areas enforce radical Islamic views. Girls cannot study; they have to wear burqa, no movies, no alcohol, no modern law, no science, and no television. Polio vaccinations are banned. Taliban says that polio is the western plot to make Islamic men infertile. Beards are compulsory for all men. There is no possibility of existence of other religions. Those who violate the rules of Taliban are hanged or shot dead immediately. In a way there is no modern day human civilization exists. Whatever happens is in the worst interests of the people there.

Wardak province is a throw away distance from Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. The Al-Qaeda network is in control of this town which is 48kms from Kabul. The Taliban runs its own court and other governance systems. Recently it has blackened the faces of a bunch of thieves. Although this punishment is considered to be mild in Taliban’s standards, there are disastrous things waiting to happen in Wardak.

After 9/11 episode of 2001, American forces have eliminated Taliban from the close quarters of Kabul. But within few years they have reassembled their scattered members to terrorise the region again. Without sensing the potential damage, all forces including the Americans, Afghanistan and Pakistan are sleeping over it. The growth of terror groups in the region is detrimental to the world peace. This is the group which has the high power to gather technical, scientific and all possible knowledge to wreak havoc on humanity. Those who are interested in the development peace in the world should urgent get-together to halt the Talibanasation of south Asia.

This global jihadi syndicate conglomerates other dreaded groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba. The Taliban is networking with the LeT which is Punjabi dominated terror arm. Indrani Bagachi (TNN, 7.1.2009 p.17) says that the Taliban holds complete sway over all seven FATA agencies. They have also run through the northwest frontier province (NWFP) These forces are aided and abetted by government insiders.

All most all the important towns of Afghanistan and Pakistan are under the spell of Taliban. Quetta, the home town of Mullah Omar is touted to be the biggest Taliban controlled town. Peshwar has come into the control of Taliban. Even in Karachi there are signboards proclaiming pro-Taliban messages. Either the governments must be sleeping or lost control over the governance. In both ways the region is getting pushed to the periphery. Will the international attention fall in the sensitive region which is the breeding ground for global terror?



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