Sack Striking Oilmen

Bikes, cars, and other vehicles were in a massive queue in front of petrol stations. House kitchens were not functioning without LPG cylinders. Hotels and restaurants were shut due to the same reason. Over 45,000 officers of Government owned public sector companies held the country to a ransom for two days. Their demand was to revise the revised pay. With the sixth pay commission revision the officers of oil companies will get a gross salary in the range of Rs.1 lakh – 3 lakh per month. This is one of the highest paid Government sectors in the country. Except HPCL other oil companies went ahead with the strike call despite assurance from the government that their grievances will be considered within 30 days. BPCL, OIL, IOCL, EIL, GAIL & ONGC officers neglected the government advise and went ahead with the strike.

This irresponsible action of the oil company officers coincides with the truckers’ strike and crisis economy. The nation is already reeling under many problems. Mumbai attack, Guhawati blasts and Poonch terror did not impact the oil men even a bit. If they were concerned about the nation at large they should have acted in such a way that created least inconvenience to the public. By resorting to blackmail and strike the oilmen ended up in losing the little bit sympathy public had for them. In a swift move the government acted tough by combining a dividing method to split the agitators. Luckily this worked in favour of the government and brought smiles to everyone except the oilmen.

Pragati Sharma (26 years, female works in Nehru Place, New Delhi. She commutes from her residence in Vasanth Vihar which is 10kms from her office. Usually she goes by her car. Due to the oil sector strike her car ran out of petrol. She was compelled to take an auto which charged more than 50% than the normal rate. The auto men were laughing all the way to their homes with more income. Many people around the country had similar problem. They lost half a day pay due to the late reporting to offices.

Despite Delhi, Guhawati and other High Courts crack down on strike, the oil men dared to go on with the strike. This is a bad example. Thank fully the government had acted in a high speed manner and talked tough to dismiss those officers who went ahead with the strike. Now it should keep up with the verbal threat and atleast suspend those who striked for 6 months. This should set as an example for the public servants in the future not to take the country for a raid.

Any form of strike is detrimental to the economic health of the nation. When the economy is affected it has spill over effects on the other sectors. Over Rs.150 crores were lost by the hotel industry alone in the oilmen’s strike due to the non availability of LPG cylinders. Now they must pay for their mistakes and learn not to repeat the same in the future.


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  1. samrat said,

    +00002009-01-19T19:36:51+00:00312009bUTCMon, 19 Jan 2009 19:36:51 +0000 2, 2008 at 7.27 p01

    dear sir,Your post is incomplete one sided about strike,i think you write what you see on television.Just try to find out who was really responsible for so called irresponsible act from oil officers who since their formation had worked relentlessly fro the nation be it kargil or oceans! This fallout was due to red tapism & bureaucracy !!have any one penalised netas going on dharnas or calling bandhs;no! Why? Theyare just working class people u can do whatever you want to do with them!No raise from last 11 years for the most profit producing sector.And Please verify the facts about so called Mr Pandey’s exaggerated salary figure shown on various news channels!Pl do some introspection Sir.we have also worked in extreme condition to build this nation ! Just think once for also.Regards,Dr.Samrat

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