Electronic Pollution


Modernization has brought a heavy pollution of Earth. There is no stopping of pollution. Different forms of pollutants have wreaked havoc. From air pollution to noise pollution to water pollution natural resources have been spoiled. In the post modern age there is a new and deadly form of pollution is silently shattering the nature. The intensity of electronic pollution is very strong. As more and more electronic gadgets are used, pollution coming from these equipments is destroying the human lives and atmosphere. Not only the current generation is suffering but also the generations to come will be made to pay heavily for the present mindless electronic pollution.


Above 200 million Internet searches everyday creates huge greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of electricity consumed and the less used electronic gadgets dumped are other pollution fuelling factors. A google search generates 7g of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to boiling a cup of coffee in a keetle. One wonders why alternative source of energy like solar are not used for computer usage and other popular electronic usages.


John Buckley of Carbonfrootprint.com of Great Britain estimates that a Google search yields 1g to 10g of CO2. Personal computer operation per hour generates 40g to 80g of CO2 per hour.


Alex Wissner-Gross, a physicist in Harvard University is researching on the environmental impact of computing. He is concentrating on the amount of carbon di oxide and other polluting gas emissions from electronic gadgets. He says “Google operates huge centres around the world that consume a great deal of power”


Information technology and airline industries contribute 4% of the global CO2 emissions. When one types a word for search in google it goes to many computers which are competing against each other. Even it may reach servers across the world.


According to Wissner-Gross “Simple website viewing generates about 0.02g of CO2 per second. This rises about tenfold to about 0.2g of CO2 a second when viewing a website with complex images, animations or videos.


While these statistics sound horrific unconcerned usage of electronic gadgets are alarming eco warriors. The producers, consumers and advertisers of electronic goods should be reined in. They must be pressurized to introduce green technologies and minimize consumption of electronic gadgets. All these three players are equally responsible for the large-scale electronic pollution in the world.


Without an early action electronic pollution will pull the last pillar of the living earth. It seems that all are contributing for the harmful cause without any awareness. The inter-governmental panel on climate change, UN bodies, local governments, users are yet to embark on the electronic pollution control. Early it is done the better for the generations.



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    very good

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    Good content ………….,„ but not in clear language

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    hello sir,
    iam working on a project called electronic pollution. sir i need your help and suggestion in making my project

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      Hi, Thank you for reading my article. Glad to know about your project. Let us keep in touch to take this idea forward Praba

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