Impose Article 356 in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a politically fragile state. Many parties keep the small state to everyone’s guess. This often happens after the incumbent government loses confidence at the floor of the assembly. Strangely this time the Chief Minister had lost his election rendering him ineligible to continue in the chair. As it happens always with the Jharkhand political leaders a new method of unethical route can be fixed to continue with their power and positions.

Shibu Soren, the disgraced leader who fought for the creation of Jharkhand had tasted the bitter defeat at the hands of a political novice – Raja Peter in Tamar constituency. The defeat margin was 9,062 votes which speaks the anti-Soren mood of the public. Gopal Krishnan Patar or Raja Peter (46) is a high school dropout and worked in Tata steel. Seeing his relatives like Arjun Munda rising to the level of Chief Minister, Peter entered politics leaving his Tata steel job. In few years he defeated the giant of Jharkhand politics – Soren. Contesting from Ennos Ekka’s Jharkhand Party Peter surprised everyone with his victory against “Guruji”.

The tallest Jharkhand leader till yesterday was reduced to a non-entity after this bypoll result. This school teacher’s son was born in Nemra in Bokaro. In his early days Soren mobilized people against the moneylenders in his area. That time he was fondly called “bhoot”. Later he public name changed to Guruji. To fight for the rights of tribal people he formed Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in 1977. The same he unsuccessfully contested the Lok Sabha poll. He came to the national limelight after he was accused in the cash for confidence vote in favour of the Narsimaha Rao government in 1992. In March 2005 he was sworn as the chief minister of Jharkhand to resign in nine days later.

Shibu Soren carries several dubious distinctions. He is the only politician who was compelled to resign four posts in less than four years. After the Chirudih massacre case of 1975 final hearing in 204, the Ranchi High Court declared him as an absconder. He had to resign from the union cabinet as coal minister after pressure from all quarters. In another two years he was reinducted and ejected from the union cabinet for the murder of Shasinath Jha – Soren’s secretary.

The other CMs who have lost bypolls while in office are Kailash nath katju (Congress) defeated by L.N. Pandey (Jan Sangh) in M.P, Chandrabhanu Gupta (Congress) was defeated in Hamirpur, T.N.singh of Congress (O) beaten by Ram Krishna Dwivedi from Maniram constituency in UP. (TOI, 10.1.2009, P.16).

The onus is on the union government which should act in the larger interests of the state. As in the past it should not resort to narrow political tactics. The current situation in Jharkhand is open for all political manipulations. Without wasting much time the President rule should be imposed. Although the state assembly has one more year to complete its five year term, it should be dissolved. The election to the assembly should be held along with the parliamentary elections in another five months. This can eliminate the political manipulations and also save few hundred crores to the state exchequer by saving one election expenses.


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