Shekhawat Coup in BJP

sekhawatThe former vice president of India and a RSS stalwart Bhairon Singh Shekhawat stirred several political controversies. The man known for party discipline and gentleness had overturned his image overnight.  He is firing one political missile after the other. First he expressed his open interest to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha poll. This was not well received by the BJP top leaders including the president Rajnath Singh. He ruled out that the former president should not degrade his August position by contesting any election. Of course there is a valid refrain in what Rajnath said.


Shekhawat ran a strong anti-Vasundhra Raje campaign in the recently held Rajasthan assembly election. The internal factions triggered by the former vice president and Jaswant Singh are considered to be win killer for BJP in the state. After openly demanding a enquiry commission into the bribery allegations against Vasundhra Raje Scindia, Sekhawat rakked in the missing Rs.2.5 cash in the BJP central office. Indirectly he is demanding his place against L.K.Advani for the prime ministerial chair. Apart from the personal power hungry of Sekhawat, BJP’s opponent parties may be playing the inducer role. There is less chance for other parties to play such a role because all others are in the same trouble. Pranab Mukherjee raised Rahul crowning as Prime Minister in 2009.


There is a total decay in the political culture of the country. Any one, any where any time can contest has come into force without ethics and moral standard in public life. Although Shekhawat has ethical standards he should demean his previous position – vice president of India by jumping again into the electoral fray. Certain offices are highly valued and respected despite the person occupied demits office. President, Vice President, Supreme Court Chief Justice, chiefs of armed forces, election commission chairpersons, governors and other high positions. These posts require unbiased handling and utmost sincerity. Sekhawat handled his Chairpersonship of Rajya Sabha and vice presidentship despite his lifelong opponent party Congress came to power.


Now he should safeguard his respect and dignity by not contesting any elections in the future. This will set a bad precedent for the future leaders. A seasoned politician and long old hand in the Indian politics, Sekhawat should set good example for others. He can involve in socio-cultural activities. If his health permits he should tour the country as former vice president and inspiration people in the national developmental activities. So far no other presidents or vice presidents have jumped into the electoral contest after demitting office. Shekhwat should not occupy the dubious distinction of the first August office holder to break this age-old high tradition.


Sooner or later the government should bring a legislation banning the high profile constitutional office bearers from contesting elections. Especially the high profile election commission, judiciary, public service commissions, apart from president, vice president and governors should be barred from contesting elections and occupying posts lower than their previous ones.


Naturally most human beings are not inclined towards safeguarding their previous status. They will go down to any level when they are power hungry. Only strong legislation and strong enforcement can check these high standard violations.    


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