Deemed Universities San Quality

deemedThe private higher education institutions wanted autonomy. In the last few years, the Government acceded to their demands and given deemed university status. But the final count they are not performing as per the promise provided. The private deemed universities agreed to give high quality and cost effective higher education. By all analysis most of these institutions turned out to be low grade physical structures without high intellectual caliber.


Apart fro Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Indian Statistical Institute and PUSA in Delhi there was other deemed universities in the country. The Ministry of Human Resources Development data says that from March 2002 to 2006 there was a growth of 11% in the central universities and 22% in state universities. The deemed universities have grown by 96%.


Yashpal committee appointed by the HRD ministry is yet to probe deep into the performance of deemed universities. The challenge now is to detect such fraud deemed universities and eliminate from the list. Using money, muscle and power many new born colleges have secured deemed university status. Most of these colleges are benami operated and owned by politicians. Colleges and schools have become lucrative business. For politicians educational institutions give an additional edge to continue in the social status loop despite losing elections. Whether they are in power or not, educational institutions owned by them give some standing.


Many business houses have added one more area of their money making area. Generally we do not condemn business houses which run educational institutions as long as they give quality education. Parents are willing to pay any amount if quality education is given. There are many private deemed universities which milk heavy money from parents and offer poor quality education to children. This is considered as high class crime. The Yashpal committee should immediately recommend to the MHRD to weed out such institutions.


In south there is a mushrooming of deemed universities. Most of these universities are very new and owned by politicians. There are several movies made on the basis of atrocities committed in these universities. From heavy college fees to drug trafficking to illegal business to sexual harassment by the management staff, students are subjected to several kinds of tortures. In Tiruchirapali district of Tamil Nadu, chairman of a private engineering college had sex with a mother of a girl who was unable to pay her college fee. In many other places girls were sexually exploited for marks and fee. In a way some of the private college owners have become epitome anti-social activities.


Although all the private college managements cannot be put in one bad category the government has duty to act immediately on the complaints of parents and other stakeholders. The deemed university status should be reviewed often and bad ones needed to eliminated to restore public faith in the educational institutions.


In the overall interests of the country, educational institutions should function as the highest ethical, moral apart from intellectual centres. Any foul play in these places will be detrimental for the long term interests of the nation. Apart from the financial fraud the private and public institutions should be probed for their other unethical conducts. What Yashpal said needs to be checked on the ground -”Deemed university system has become exploitative. These institutes charge huge fees, but have not been successful in providing quality education to our students. Besides, most members feel that they give a very different projection of the university system.” While eliminating bad ones, good ones should not be harassed.


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