Putting Pakistan on Track

A train full of nuclear weapons is running at a high speed. The disastrous train is Pakistan. It is being operated by Jehadis and other fundamental elements. Politicians, army, ISI, scientists and other crucial people in the administration are willing to be partners with deadly train operators. For their selfish motives the most important people of Pakistan’s administration are willing to indirectly support the Jehadis. This has been the trend of Pakistan from its beginning as an independent nation in 1947. Now the global challenge is to stop the uncontrolled nuclear train before it rams into its own people and the world.


Although there was no jehadis that time hardliners were amply present. For them anti-Indian slogans and actions is space provider in the Pakistani politics. In a way their anti-Indian expression gave them legitimacy and political power. From its founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah to the present rulers like Asif Ali Zardari and Yusuf Raza Gilani every Pakistani politician tries to reach No.1 spot in anti-India tower.


Yusuf Gilani was nominated by Zardari as Prime Minister. With the expectation that Gilani will be his trustworthy man, Zardari supported him. Today Gilani is galloping to strike the most anti-Indian in the Pakisan establishment. He sacked the National Security Advisor, Durrani for towing a soft line towards India. It seems that Durrani got the prior approval from the president. If he spoke after Zardari’s green signal still he was sacked by the P.M then Gilani is trying to cultivate a hardliner image. He may be nurturing extra ambitions in the Pakistani politics. Not to lag behind India friendly Zardari is also trying to take hard positions. From the denial of Pakistani involvement in Mumbai terror to negating the terror dossier provided by India, Zardari signaled his hard line towards India. At this stage India has the most extremely job of keeping the Pakistan establishment under very cool temperature.   


Now they have moved up from the anti-India sphere. Anti-West and Anti-Americanism is running thick in their blood. Every time they want a target to be in the global limelight. Bringing the atrocities committed against Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, the hardliners have joined hands with Jehadis who are aided by the global force called Al Qaieda. In a way Pakistan has become a hotbed of international terror promotion and abetment. This worries the western nations.


The incoming USA president Barack Obama and his team consider nuclear enabled Pakistan as the biggest foreign policy challenge. David Sanger the Bush administration’s Pakistan policy investigator had claimed “only one of those countries has a hundred nuclear weapons. For al-Qaeda and other Islamists this is the home game—For anyone trying to keep a nuclear weapon going off in the United States, it is our home game too”.


There seems to be a network of Jehadis and ex nuclear scientists of Pakistan. A.Q.Khan and Bashirudding Mahmood are aiding Jehadis in the nuclear weapons programme. Knowing the consequences, USA had spent $100 million in ensuring the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The terrorists are attacking India to provoke a war with Pakistan. To retaliate India, Pakistan may move its nuclear arsenal to the borders with India. During that time Jehadis are trying to hijack the nuclear weapons for their use against Western countries. But Pakistanis are not willing to accept USA help in locking its nuclear weapons to safety. It thinks that America will lock its weapons to disable its nuclear status.


In this crossroad of global terrorism and Pakistan’s role, Americans are already alerted. It seems that Pakistan is the breeding and nurturing ground for jehadis against America. Hence there is a lot of focus on Pakistan. America should understand that any pep talk is not enough. It must go ahead and totally disable Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Before that it must ensure complete wipeout of Jehadis from the soil of Pakistan. One they are eliminated it must move to Afghanistan and other countries to crush them. Jehadis are global terror spreading machines. What was spelled out by the US Congressional Bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism in its report last month “were one to map terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today, all roads, would intersect in Pakistan” should be urgently acted upon. 


In this regard Hillary Clinton the new secretary of state’s statement is encouraging. She said “Equally important will be a comprehensive plan using all elements of our power – diplomacy, development and defence – to work with those in Afghanistan and Pakistan who want to root out al-Qaida, the Taliban and other violent extremists who threaten them as well as us in what president elect Barack Obama has called the central front in the fight against terrorism.


All sensible nations have an immediate duty to perform – pulling Pakistani administration from the hard line and burying extremists below the ground. With all the available evidences point towards Pakistan as the home ground for global terrorists the earlier it is saved the better for the world. India must exercise patience, caution and consistency in eliminating its enemy which is global as well now without shooting mouth often.    



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    To read more about the developments in Pakistan and the region in general go to http://www.real-politique.blogspot.com

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