DDA’s Innovative Scam

ddaThe Delhi Development Agency (DDA) was started to usher well planned development in the national capital city. From a callous organization in the past it has become highly corrupt body. From top to bottom the DDA is full of crooks. There is no space for honest officers and workers. Even if there are few the peers condemn and pull them also into the corruption ring. When most of the work force is interested in only making money there is little scope for implementation of the planned work. Almost all the projects are executed in a hotch-potch manner. Result of the corrupt management is reflected in the extremely horrible infrastructure built by DDA. Most of the housing projects completed by the agency are considered fourth grade work. But only consolation people have with the DDA is security of the land they bought. Unlike private real estate builders, DDA flats are safe and secure. This makes people to go crazy in the capital whenever there is an announcement of DDA housing projects. In the latest DDA project, several corrupt elements have joined hands with insiders to corner flats meant for backward communities. This is one more instance of misused reservation for the backward communities. In numbers Total applications 5,66,906 General 5,09,337 SC 37,741 ST 9,147 Ex-servicemen 5,353 Physically Handicapped 5,163 War widows 165 There are 22 private banks and 3 nationalized banks which participated in the entire DDA process of offering loans to applicants on deposit of Rs.6000. These banks managed to corner nearly Rs.275 crore as interest on the loans given by them. (Times of India, 17.1.2009, P.3) The Widening Gap Total number of flats 5,238 Flats priced between Rs.7.95 lakh and Rs.77.80 lakh band Type of flat Location Price fixed by DDA Market price 3-bedroom Vasant Kunj Rs.47.70 lakh Rs.60 lakh 2-bedroom Shalimar Bagh Rs.23-27 lakh Rs.38-45 lakh 2-bedroom Rohini Sec-28 Rs.13-14.60 lakh Rs.35-40 lakh 1-bedroom Dwarka sect-11 Rs.11.90 lakh Rs.23.5 lakh Source; The Hindustan Times, 16.1.2009, P.3 Rogues Gallery M.L.Gautam (64) The alleged mastermind. He submitted more than 1200 application forms & got allotted 38 flats. He claimed to have inveted Rs.25 lakh, which he said he had borrowed. Gautam worked for 28 years in DDA. He joined as an LDC and retired as a telephone assistant in 2004 Raju Ram (30) A distant relative of Gautam. He invested Rs.9 lakh in the scheme and gave this money to Deepak Kumar on October 15. He had also received two cheques of Rs.4.5 lakh each as security. Deepak Kumar (30) A law graduate who first informed Uditraj about irregularities. Kumar helped the scamsters fill application forms and brought them together Lakshmi Narayan Meena (54): A local Meena leader in Jhunjhunu. He introduced the scamsters to people of his community & helped them get their details & certificates. He did not invest any money but received cash from dealers to get the signature of successful allottes. Suresh Kumar Meena and vijay Kumar are the two names that has cropped up during investigations. Both are absconding. Cops say they are the main investors. Source: Times of India, 17.1.2009, p.3 Over the years almost all the welfare schemes of the Government are cornered by greedy people through their own methods. It is difficult to seal the leakages. DDA has become the navratna company in corruption and inefficiency. Although there is a huge board outside the government offices saying that bribe giving and taking is equal crime fulfledged corruption goes on inside the offices. There is no shyness among the government employees in asking bribe. In fact people are so accustomed to the bribery, they too keep ready the share meant for babu and chaprasis. Unless we weed out the consumer vis a vis corrupt culture no government scheme will give productive results.


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