Outsourced Parenthood

Parenting is the one of the toughest jobs in the world. The hi-tech jobs of parents give less time to spend with their children. This gets complicated when both mother and father are working in indefinite work schedules. Impact of working parents on their children has been captured academically well. Divorce and family violence are increasing due to both parents working and failing to manage their children. There are many children whose both parents are away from home for many months. Those parents employed in the armed forces come home once in six months. Children of these parents are put in enormous emotional strain.

The United States has discovered a new method through internet. In its latest technological blitzkrieg, USA has unveiled virtual parenting to protect the children of its soldiers. The Department of Defense is inviting computer program which can entertain soldier’s children in the absence of their parents. When the parents are engaged in battle or off the telephone contacts, the defense departments expect the children to be engaged through virtual parents. There are 1,55,000 USA soldiers employed in Afghanistan and in Iraq who got their kids back home.

It says “the stresses of deployment might be softened if spouses and especially children could conduct simple conversations with their loved ones in immediate time of stress or prolonged absence”.

The proposed method would like to have a video footage of the real parents supplemented by artificial intelligence. They are also planning to put a three dimensional simulation. This is expected to strike a conversation with lonely children of soldiers and offer them emotional support. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) program is trying to hook children of three to five years. Even the officers are pessimistic about such a venture. “This is a technologically challenging application because it relies on the ability to have convincing voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and the ability to easily and inexpensively develop a customized application tailored to a specific parent.”

As in other cases this technological solution will prove to be temporary. Real parenting cannot be substituted by any other means. A careful parenting is necessary for the successful upbringing of a child. Any compromise on the care provided will be backfiring on parents. They need to make a choice firmly before entering parenthood. Either they can care their children or care their own pleasures. All time personal pleasure, job chasing or material accomplishments will confuse everything. At the end parents will land up in big trouble. There is no case where careless parenting had taken child to the real height. Most of the troubled childhood due to careless parenting has ended up in social destruction. Children who come from disturbed parenting are prone to violence and other anti-social activities. They involve in drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking and other health destructive activities apart from being social nuisance. It is high time for parents to make a choice. Virtual parenthood is a stop-gap solution with no positive impact on suffering children.



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