Unstoppable Narendra Modi

modiNarendra Modi – The Chief Minister of Gujarat is the one of the most attacked public personalities in the recent past. Media, NGOs, opposition parties, diplomats, writers, artists, anyone and everyone slams Modi. Unconsciously they are aiding the growth and popularity of the most hatred man. People have got jobs for opposing Modi and some people have lost their jobs for praising the Gujarat hero. After the Godhra violence in 2001, Modi became an international villain. Local NGOs and political parties amply helped the media to vilify Modi. At the end Modi emerged stronger than before.


Recently Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal and Ratan Tata the corporate figures have lavished praise on Modi. It is nothing but natural for the business stars to talk high about the hosts. For their business interests the industrialists praise the local boss. This is common everywhere. But few words about Modi during the recently held Vibrant Gujarat summit have provoked a chain of Modi vilification campaign. As in the past this is going to help him to go stronger than diminish his existing image.


Ambani and Mittal have pitched Modi as the future Prime Minister. They speculated that India can grow multiple times better if Modi becomes the national boss. Next day of these statements saw media going hammer and tongs about business stars statements. Expectedly it brought harsh reactions from the political parties and surprisingly it sent shockwaves into the Advani camp. Already reeling under revolt from Bharion Singh Shekhawat, Kalyan Singh and Shatrugun Sinha, the BJP has one more headache to wardoff anti-Advani protests from insiders. Although Modi is carefully nurtured by Advani, increasing open praises for the Gujarat CM is creating jitters in the mind of prime minister in waiting.


Yesterday CPIM had suspended its Kannur member of parliament – Abdullah Kutty for saying few words about its high caliber administrative prowess. Earlier Bibek Debroy had to lose his job in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for listing Gujarat as number one state in the country’s development.


Undoubtedly these controversies are making Modi more powerful. The media is inventing a new philosophy and helping Modi to move up in the political ladder. Moditva, Modinomics and modi fied isms are giving the Gujarat CM a sole flavour in the national political circuit. Many people cutting across political parties and religions are keen to embrace Modi. This was very clear from the gathered members in the National Integration Council meeting held in Delhi last month. CMs across the political spectrum were competing to handshake with Modi.


The past violence in Gujarat must be forgotten. It should not be used by any force to revive tension in the state. If the past state violence is to be punished not only Modi but there are many heads to roll. We must ensure that there won’t be any further repetition of communal carnage in the country. His efficiency in racing the state in the development track should be praised by all. Modi got 8,500 MoUs worth Rs.12 lakh crore signed for new industrial projects during the Vibrant Gujarat summit. He had get the red tape, minimized corruption and put the bureaucracy at work. Such governance is needed to deliver justice and development to all cutting across religion and other divisions.


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