Relationships in Recession

relationshipMoney matters in human relationships. Few can be exceptions to this universal practice. The global economic melt down tests the love capacity of people. When the money flow is affected, jobs are cut and purchasing power is down, one can feel the heat in day to day lives. Not only his smile is missing but the real charm of life is gone. The person is pushed to the extreme of frustration. He feels empty without income and enough money to spend. Suddenly all his friends are deserting and girl friend dumped him. Love is boiling in the extreme financial climate. Very few candlelight dinners, spa tours, beach swims and exotic vacations. Romantic relationships are getting dumped and switched for the lack of money.

In another case wife is distancing and children are not taking his words seriously. Is this universal or India specific? In comparison to the western nations, India may be better off in this matter. With the strong support of family and fair saving culture, there is an insulation for men during the time of recession. Women tend to keep safety valves. Beyond these savings and safety valves some people are prone to the break offs. This is due the fragile nature of relationships. Where there is a strong human bondage, no money flow would not affect the relationship much.

When the job was there men did not have time now the reverse is happening. Time spending is not sufficient. Money is required to keep women and time happy. How can time fly without giving money punch to it? In a matter of months there is an upside down of situations. From time short to money short corporate men lives are undergoing massive changes. If the saving and alternative sources of income are there human relationship suffer less.

Anjali Kaur (23) says “Chemistry with my boyfriend topsy turved after the recession news broke. He was fired from his job. I tried analyzing from all angles. There is no point in keeping the relation alive. How far I can go with him without money”.

Aparajita Mukherjee writes in Times of India (7.2.2009, p.10) “And these power women aren’t concerned about society’s opinions on their decisions. They have a very clear idea of what they want from their relationships in the long term, ali points out, “I can’t take a man with no job to my parents and ask them to be proud of my decision, na!” Kanak also agrees, saying “Like I said, it’s important that I lead a good life. I’m making the best decision for my future and even my parents would advise me against continuing a relationship with a man who is unable of giving me the standard of life I’m used to. So I don’t care about the gold-digger tag, really!”

Fast-track relationships have a short shelf-life according to this power-woman. “Life is too short and I want to lead a good life, I have to make sure I have a partner who gives me that,” says Kanak. Charu Parashar, a designer, who’s happily married. In her perspective, “the disposable income in the hands of youngsters these days has increased and they believe in instant gratification. These days, if a woman is suddenly faced with no additional resources at her disposal, which she counts as important for fulfilling of her needs, then she makes a quick exit.”
It is nothing but natural to have such money based relationship when basic social norms were abandoned for instant happiness. Where there is no ethics human relationship are bound to fail. The current recession should bring back human instincts and ensure a strong family bondage and genuine human love. Money is required for living but it should not be a pre condition for any human relationships. There are innumerable incidents where husband and wife struggled to built their relationship and family. Who can wait? is the common question in today’s world. Remember! Relationship can be sustained only through sacrifices.


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