Maid in India

maidMaids are part and parcel of big families. Both in urban and rural areas maids are a common feature of families. They become maids out of dire necessity. Once they see the lifestyles of employers temptation naturally comes. Big cars, bundles of currency notes, nice perfumes, lip smacking food and other goodies. They also want to become part like their employers. Many times they steal and provoke the men in the families through their body exposures. Rarely men can stop acting on the provocations. Maid’s sexal provocation is not that easy to escape.

Shobhaa De writes in The Times of India (28 June 2009)
‘‘Bollywood is full of rapists… some get caught. Others screw themselves.’’ Who said that? Never mind. Crudely put… but broadly speaking, i
agree. I was the editor of India’s raciest film magazines for 11 long years. You can say, i’ve had a ringside view of the goings on.

Showbiz is a strange destination. It’s a planet in itself. Those who occupy it, create their own rules. Hollywood is full of rapists, too. Again, some are stupid enough to be caught with their pants down. But out there, those chaps go to jail and stay there, serving out their sentence. The Shiney Ahuja case would have been just another sorry episode had it not been for the victim’s age and social position. Plus, the fact that she chose to go to the cops. Most actors believe it is their birthright to get sexual favours from whosoever catches their fancy. They aren’t terribly discriminating either. If they can’t bed their co-star, they happily settle for her sister, friend, cousin, aunt… even mother. If even those options are shut, they look a little further — at the ‘extras’.

Most of the junior artistes don’t object — in fact they consider it an ‘honour’ to be picked by the big guy. Those who do, are chased out of tinsel town for being ‘unco-operative.’ If only spot-boys (lackeys of stars) could open their mouths, what stories they’d have to tell.

Shiney allegedly attacking his young maid, is not news. Shiney’s wife deciding to stand by her man and declare her undying love for the guy, is. As of now, she is doing a pretty convincing job of defending her husband, claiming he has been framed, and more amusingly, that it is he who may have been raped.

The person one feels sorriest for is Shiney’s father, an ex-services man. Wicked smses are doing the rounds. Once a case is deemed sms-worthy, you know the case has hit bull’s eye — till something juicier happens. My sympathies are with Anupam, the fiery wife who has had to round up neighbours and ‘friends’ for character certificates while facing a hostile media mocking her every utterance.

That she hasn’t cracked under pressure so far, is no small miracle. It can’t be easy for a woman to deal with such a disgraceful chapter in her marriage. Assuming she genuinely believes Shiney is innocent, and it turns out that way, Anupam will be the biggest hero. But what if she discovers the horrible truth that her husband was a beast who ravaged an innocent domestic? How will Anupam live with that?

Discussing the Shiney case with a powerful film producer, i nearly fell off my chair when he said he was ready to sign Shiney for his next film on the spot! Reason? Shiney Ahuja has become a household name in India, and everybody will now be keener than ever to see him on screen. He pointed out how Hugh Grant became a super hero after he was caught with a prostitute in Los Angeles.

‘‘Audiences love Bad Boys. The worse a man behaves, the more his box office value goes up,’’ he said smiling devilishly. To further his argument, he added, ‘‘Don’t believe me? Here, talk to my driver. Even he thinks i should sign Shiney for my next film.’’ Sounds rotten, right? Cold blooded, devious and manipulative? But that’s how the cookie crumbles in Bollywood. Look no further than Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan.

If the producer’s gut feeling is right, one can cynically look at Shiney’s crime as a shrewd career move. He was never an A-lister, but after this, he may get a promotion! Audiences can be so perverse sometimes. Notoriety has its spin offs in this vast palace of illusions. Here we are wasting time and energy taking sides, feeling sorry for Shiney, sorry for the maid, sorry for the wife, sorry for the daughter, sorry for the father.

When we should actually be feeling pretty sorry for our own foolish selves. Shiney may get shinier. Anupam, richer, and the maid will definitely receive lucrative offers to sell her story (if Rubina, the Slumdog Princess is penning her autobiography, why not a star’s rape victim?). What’s the bet Madhur Bhandarkar/Mahesh Bhatt are feverishly working on the script of their next film titled — what else — ‘Maid in India’ starring all the characters playing themselves?


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