Hoax Email from the Income Tax

Life online is 24×7 risk. With the increasing number of people online the criminals are galloping. Imagine the global cyber crime syndicate hacking millions of internet users passwords and stealing money from their accounts. Oh! unimaginable disaster. This is not a science fiction prologue but reality which is going rounds around the world. Two days back more than 10000 hotmail accounts were hacked and passwords phised. Generally people use the same password for bank accounts and other important transactions. Ghosh! it is gone. Peace of mind is gone. The latest salvo fired by the cyber criminals is asking people to disclose their bank accounts for income tax payment. This hoax email is in circulation in the name of I.T department. Please save your life online and leave the rest to the Men and Women sitting above all human beings.

The Times of India writes (9 October 2009)

Your inbox might show a mail requesting your personal particulars on behalf of the income tax department. But do not respond. In case you respond to it, do so at your personal risk.

The mail which is doing rounds for quite sometime now has made complaints reach the IT department and department has distanced itself from the whole controversy already. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Wednesday issued a press note informing all and sundry that department has not sent any such mail and hence taxpayers should not disclose any of their personal information as requested by it.

The contents of the mail inform the tax payer that they have a refund due, which IT department will make, provided they disclose their bank account and other details. The mail has been received by a lot of people in Jodhpur, Lucknow, Bareilly and other places. IT department has come to know about it from various parts of the country. hoaxhoax


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