Spectrum Scam Raja

rajaWhy to protest the CBI raid if there is no fishy deal in the telecom ministry? Karunanidhi the octagenrian chief minister of Tamil Nadu don’t lose even a minute to defend his family members. In these kinds of family rescue his health problem is not a deterrence. No idea from where he gets the energy to defend his tainted family members. A. Raja the union telecom minister for the past four years has been ruining the cash rich telecom sector. From the profit making BSNL he took the company to the begging stage. Such a non performing but a corrupt minister is ruining the potential public sector company. The Prime Minster Dr. Manmohan Singh has been dragged by Karunanidhi in his letter protesting CBI raids. Although the P.M has been compelled to utter few decent words about Raja when the UPA II was reluctant to add him as the minister the same words has been quoted as P.M’s genuine certificate to the scam tainted Raja. To save the publc telecom companies from further collapse, P.M must dismiss Raja from the ministry to save the industry.

The Times of India writes (24 October 2009)

The DMK is seething with resentment over CBI’s raids on the offices of Department of Telecommunications headed by partyman A Raja and the very day after, Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi has lodged a strong protest with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

According to sources, the Tamil Nadu chief minister conveyed to the PM and Congress leadership that CBI’s raids on the offices of Raja’s ministry were inconsistent with Congress’s strong defence of the commmunications minister over the 2G spectrum scam.

DMK sources in Chennai said Karunanidhi impressed upon the PM that he felt Raja was being unnecessarily humiliated, as he had consulted the PM on the spectrum allocation issue all along. The DMK stalwart also argued that the PM’s decision to retain Raja in the communications ministry was clear evidence of his innocence. He also pointed out that Congress had defended the communications minister all along both in Parliament and in public, and even campaigned for him in the Lok Sabha elections.

The protest coincided with CBI expanding the investigation by raiding offices of some of the top telecom service providers and strong demands from BJP and CPM for Raja’s resignation.

Sources in the CBI involved in the investigation into the 2G spectrum scam, which is said to have caused the public exchequer loss of thousands of crores, said raids were carried out in eight cities — Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Mohali, Ahmedabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Jaipur.

Sources said the agency was looking into the records of all those telecom operators who had 2G spectrum licences since 2001. “The copies of all agreements and licences have been procured and these are being looked into,” said an oficial.

In all, ten offices of telecom companies were raided as part of the countrywide sweep.

While the investigation has been ordered by the Central Vigilance Commission, the DMK has been defiantly dismissive of the whole affair. Raja has refused to step down, saying the decisions for which he has been accused of corruption were taken with the PM’s concurrence.

Raja has been at the centre of allegations over irregularities in the allocation of spectrum right since UPA-1, but Congress had aggressively defended the minister.

The sudden raids may have led the DMK to suspect that the comfort level of Congress in its second innings in Delhi seems to have emboldened the government to seek more leeway with the coalition partner.

AICC spokesman Manish Tiwari, responding to a volley of questions on the propriety of the minister continuing in office pending probe, rejected Opposition’s demand for Raja’s resignation. “Since the FIR names only officials, the question of propriety does not arise. CBI registered a case against some officials and the whole matter is still under investigation,” he said.

The opposition was, however, ballistic. BJP spokesperson demanded that Raja resign forthwith. “There is no justification — moral, political or ethical — for Mr Raja to continue in office after the raids on the offices of his ministry. He should step down so that the agency can unearth the huge scandal without any hindrance,” the BJP said.

The CPM said while the CBI probe into the allotment of spectrum licences was long overdue, it was shocking that Raja had refused to resign. “The minister cannot evade responsibility and involvement in the matter when all his explanations for adopting the first-come-first-served policy have proved baseless. In the interests of having a fair probe, it is essential that the minister not continue in office,” the party said.


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  1. Dinesh said,

    +04302010-06-03T08:32:49+04:30302010b+04:30Thu, 03 Jun 2010 08:32:49 +0430 2, 2008 at 7.27 p06

    India is Hurt & Bleeding economically because of Raja & Co’s 2g Scam. It’s a direct attack on India’s Economy. India don’t needs to look across border for ” FOES ” when having Ministers like RAJA in Cabinet. He must be arrested under NSA. Surprisingly, Economist PM also cannot understand Raja’s Fact & Figures. 2g’s scam is a ” TERRORISM ” on India’s Economy.

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