Dating Diary


Dating is not cool walk. It needs a thorough rehearsal. If the first encounter is mismanaged rarely opportunities will come again from the same person. No wonder dating is called expert’s event.

The Times of India writes (277 October 2009)

1. Timing is everything. Punctuality is a big turn on. Turning up late is always a great turn-off. Also, remember even if your date hasn’t exactly gone as planned, you can’t simply scoot while your date is at the bar or in the loo. It’s highly offensive to leave without saying goodbye. .

2. Ex Files
It’s in poor taste to mention your ex on the very first date. It just shows you still haven’t quite got over him/her, are still hanging on to your past, and that you’re also quite possibly an obcessive stalker who simply can’t let go.

3. Too much drinking
While everyone likes to enjoy a drink or two on their first date, there’s a fine line between a couple of drinks and getting so sloshed that you don’t even remember your own name, let alone your date’s.

4. Curb your sexual urges
Getting excited? It’s a big temptation, especially for men to want to go back ‘for a coffee’ after a successful date. But don’t. You’ll just come across as horny and too eager. Get to know your partner better before taking them to bed.

5. Pay Up
Gone are the days when it was only men who footed the bill, today, it’s more congenial to offer to pay for your share. Going Dutch is often an indicator that even in the relationship you are willing to take up equal responsibilities.

6. Frankness Counts
Be honest about your age, your job, the fact that you maybe still living in with your parents, or whether you’re still getting out of a relationship – being dishonest is a huge risk as once found out, you may never get to see the person again.

7. Name Game
There’s nothing worse than forgetting the name of your date. Otherwise you’re likely to come across either as the kind of person who dates so frequently that they can’t keep track or suffers from attention deficit disorder. Neither of these helps in making a good impression.

8. Go Solo
The idea of a threesome may make you believe the more the merrier, but bringing a close friend, or even your colleague, on your date is likely to leave a bad impression. Who knows your date may even find your friend hotter!

9. Avoid Arguments
A lively and enriching discussion on your first date about politics or the environment is a great mental stimuli; but try not to get argumentative as this is a dampener.

10. Avoid long calls
Try and focus on the person in front of you instead of texting your mates and speaking intermittently on the cell. Being hooked to your phone all night is just rude!


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