Simplify Inter-State Movement

The local check posts are tighter than the international ones. Take a look at the Delhi U.P border. It is like crossing India Pakistan border. Commuters and tracks face severe problems in crossing inter-state border. It is a shame on the policy makers who keep on harping on borderless world. First we need to create borderless nation without any prejudice against any citizen. In this chaotic border management external terrorists have easy movement. The more police presence the more corruption and the more leakage. After all the khaki men standing in to check the illegal people and goods moving allow the free movement if few hundred rupees were thrown. The next National Integration Council should keep borderless nation on the top of the agenda. A troublesome inter-state border policing is not only causing trouble for the public but also costing the exchequer thousands of crores. It is high time to weed out this hindrance to national growth. The Times of India writes on 18 November 2009 Fuel worth Rs 100-150 crore is wasted on highways annually due to inter-state and intra-state checkpost delays and elaborate checking of documents, a recent study by logistics major Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and IIM-Calcutta has found. The joint study also claimed bad road condition resulted in reduction of average truck speed to only 20 kmph. Singling out these two factors as major reasons for delay on highways, the report released on Tuesday pointed out that while on an average a truck in India covered 250-400 km per day, in US and Europe it covered 700-800 km. “Between 2001-09, vehicular fleet has increased by 9.4% whereas National Highways network has grown only by 2.4%. The delay at check-posts compounds the problem. Our survey findings of 30 trips between Delhi and Bangalore showed on an average, 25 stops (15 of toll collection) on the way and the average stoppage delay is five hours. This is about 5% of the total journey time,” said Subrata Mitra of IIM-C. The report claimed that stoppage delay as percentage of journey time varied between 5-25%.


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