Chemical Beauty of Women

The beauty of Women lies in how beautiful they make themselves up. This truth has been widely exploited by the business houses. No wonder the largest sale of beauty products are aimed at women. They are raking up billions of dollars. What is soothing news for the business is hurting for the women’s health. In the latest revelation the researchers break the news that over 500 chemicals are used in making up the beauty products used by women are around the world. The Times of India writes on 20 November 2009 Beauty products such as lipstick, lotion, foundation, mascara add up to 515 chemicals on a woman’s face every day, says a study. Charlotte Smith of deodorant firm Bionsen, which conducted the research, found that girls were using up to13 products, most containing more than 20 ingredients. Perfume fared the worst, containing a mixture of 250 components on average while some labels chose from 400 chemicals, reports the Sun. Lipstick was found consisting 33 elements, body lotion 32, mascara 29, and hand moisturiser, 11. Top-selling perfume Chanel No5 listed 250 additives and the best-selling foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, had 24 ingredients, the study found. The most popular nail varnish, Rimmel, was made from 31 components while the number for the top-selling body lotion Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion stood at 32. Experts linked some of the additives to cancer, hormone problems, skin conditions and allergies. Smith said: “Beauty regimes have changed dramatically from a simple ”wash & go” to daily fake tan applications, regular manicures, false lashes and hair extensions. “The new ”wonder treatments” contain more chemicals to be able to achieve better results, which means that women are more at risk.”


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