Denigrating Obamas in Internet

Search engines are becoming ultimate engines for development and crime. One can google other’s vital details, locate remote people through maps, find out the tastes of people, political views and many more sensitive information. What is considered to be the best aid for knowledge sharing and communication sans frontiers turning out to be a strong commercial proposition and global terror aider. This cannot be averted just by simply saddening over the issue. It needs a strong commitment and vigilance by Netizens and Engine operators like google. Without the proactive participation of these two partners it is impossible to curb the violence through Internet. The immediate need is software to track the culprits and fixing them tooth and nail. The earliest it is done is the better for the world. In the latest venom spiller Google image search brings a caricature of Michelle Obama as monkey at the top of search on her name. As Google had clarified in its communication that it cannot do much about it the ball is in the court of Internet criminals who manage to malign Obamas. It is sad that Internet played a pivotal role in bringing Obama as the president of the United States and the same Internet is devastating his happiness as the president. The Times of India writes on 26 November 2009 Google has apologized for a racist caricature of Michelle Obama that became the top result for users searching for images of the US First Anyone typing “Michelle Obama” into Google Images this morning, was presented with an altered photo depicting the US president’s wife with animal features. However, the California-based Internet giant distanced itself from this by posting a message above the offensive photo. The note, which states “Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree” directs users to a page explaining the technology giant’s policy on “disturbing” search results, The Telegraph reported. The message makes it clear that the Michelle Obama image is not endorsed by Google, but indicates that the company will take no action to have it removed. “Google views the integrity of our search results as an extremely important priority,” it states. “Accordingly, we do not remove a page from our search results simply because its content is unpopular or because we receive complaints concerning it.” “We apologise if you’ve had an upsetting experience using Google. We hope you understand our position regarding offensive results,” it ends.


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