Time Killing Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are the current trend setters and techno fashion definers. But the craze for social networking sites has crossed all the limits. These sites are not only killing work time of the office employees but also damaging the health of the onliners. Too many games and interest pulling subsites are eating heavy time of the netizens. Soon netizens are going to say ‘na na networking’.

Times of India writes on 11 December 2009

Facebook makes you despair? Social networking makes you want to end it all? You may be ready for online ritual suicide with the aid of a “Impress your friends, disconnect yourself,” is the slogan on http://www.seppukoo.com, a site that aims to subvert Facebook by offering its millions of users a glorious end and a memorial page to match. “Rather than fall into the hands of their enemies, ancient Japanese samurai preferred to die with honour, voluntarily plunging a sword into the abdomen and moving it left to right in a slicing motion,” the site notes.

This form of ritual suicide was known as “seppuku”.

“As the seppuku restores the samurai’s honour as a warrior, seppukoo.com deals with the liberation of the digital body,” the site says.

Today the enemy is not other bands of noble warriors but corporate media who use viral marketing to make huge profits by connecting people across the globe.

“Seppukoo playfully attempts to subvert this mechanism by disconnecting people from each other and transforming the individual suicide experience into an exciting ‘social’ experience.”

The site, which uses its own viral marketing strategy to lure in disgruntled social networkers, is part of a protest wave that sees Facebook as a potentially dangerous entity beholden to corporate interests.

But seppukoo.com has some way to go before it attracts anything near the more than 300 million users Facebook currently boasts. On Wednesday it pulled in only half a dozen Facebookers ready to end it all.

Its owners said by email that over 15,000 people had done the deed and over 350,000 Facebook users had received an invite to follow suit.


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