Warning Bells are Ringing for Traditional Political Parties

ImageThe Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) earth shaking debut in Delhi compel political scientists and sociologists to redefine their understanding about Indian politics. Everyone thought that the pre-poll and exit poll surveys are exaggerations. The crowd swell for Arvind Kejriwal’s election campaigns is just public obsession with a just born political baby.  But the Delhi assembly election result had given drubbing to all the calculations. Now the new age media like Social Networking Sites will find more takers. Although every political party is present in the new media, their work is not to the level of AAP. There are more than 16 lakh followers for Arvind Kejriwal in the Facebook. The AAP band of volunteers work day and night for the rejuvenation of India. The new voters and tender youth are disgusted with the traditional political parties which deceived the nation. AAP is the alternative which they depend upon for the betterment of India.

Congress party is non performing in the SNSs too. What is the use of good work if it is not communicated to the voters? What is the point in keeping mum when the AAP was attacking it with corruption cases? Why the Congress party did not counter these allegations? AAP had a free run in charging both the Congress and BJP. On the other hand, AAP too followed the traditional method of candidate fielding with the help of caste, class and gender. Along with the social factors, AAP repeated its slogan, “Sab neta chor hai”. AAP adopted every trick in politics. But Congress and BJP underestimated its impact never withstanding the pre poll surveys which gave AAP a stunning debut.

AAP attacked both Congress and BJP. Sheila Dikshit was confident of winning for the fourth time. BJP quickly changed its candidate, Vijay Goel who was accused of massive corruption and nepotism by the AAP. Its Harsh Vardhan had taken the sheen out of AAP’s corruption campaign against BJP. Although both Congress and BJP failed to nip the AAP in the bud it was the former which was damaged totally. In the end it was dust biting defeat for many election veterans in the hands of AAP.

Sheila Dikshit, three terms Chief Minister of Delhi and a popular face of women’s political power was ejected out of the New Delhi seat. Arvind Kejriwal defeated with over 25000 votes. Ch.Prem Singh who won the elections continuously for the past 40 years had to bite the dust in Ambedkar Nagar constituency because of the negative campaign unleashed by AAP. The story is same with Rajkumar Chauhan in Mongolpuri constituency.

The main accusation put forth by AAP was that the traditional political parties are corrupt, casteists and pseudo-religious. AAP promised to be clean and secular. On the contrary the string operation carried out before the Delhi assembly election shows that the AAP candidates are faster than the traditional political parties in taking money for their personal benefits. Arvind Kejriwal’s meeting with the Muslim cleric hit the nail on AAP’s secular head. Against the rule book of the Election Commission, AAP carried out negative campaigns against the opponent candidates. Its members were caught in the string operations. The immediate reaction from AAP was “fake operation” “needs the raw footage” which other political parties used to react immediately after the exposure of string operations. What difference it makes? Another political party, another corruption, the nation moves? But this is not the way which people who voted for AAP wanted. Mostly young people who for the first time in life voted wanted a real change in India. That’s why majority of the first time voters have chosen AAP over traditional parties.

One of the most shocking news for the traditional political parties is the big impact of AAP among the Scheduled Castes. It has dented the parties like Congress and BSP which championed the SC cause and used to walk away with the chunk of SC votes. BSP which garnered 20% of votes in the reserved constituencies in 2008 has got only 5% this time. AAP has won 9 out of the 12 reserved constituencies in Delhi. It has trounced SC veterans like Chaudhary Prem Singh and Rajkumar Chauhan. AAP has also got four sikh candidates elected. In short, youth, women, SC, ST, Sikhs, upper class, middle class, lower class, every social group has voted for AAP. All the three women candidates who won in the Delhi assembly election are from AAP.

AAP has built itself as a formidable political force with its rich experience in spearheading mass movement. Campaigns headed by Arvind Kejriwal against privatization of water in Delhi, RTI act, anti-corruption movement and Jan Lokpal have laid the strong foundation for his political growth. If Delhi assembly result was negative to AAP its future might have gone nowhere. But with the flip it got in Delhi, the journey seems to be exciting, positive and potential.



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