Sri Lanka: The New Axis of Anti-India Terrorism

arun selvarajanEx Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was foresighted. Unfortunately her followers in the Congress party and her family members didn’t have her vision especially in matters concerning Sri Lanka. Knowing fully well that Sri Lanka cannot be a genuine friend of India, she promoted the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE). This strategic thought of Indira Gandhi was completely supported by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  M.G.Ramachandran. Keeping the CM of Tamil Nadu in the right side of Sri Lanka drive of Indian government is the most essential part of P.M. Two tenures of UPA government led by Dr.Manmohan Singh had given away all the gains secured in Sri Lanka in the past. His government had surrendered India to Rajapaksa. Now it is extremely difficult to redeem the Indian prestige. More than the prestige, it is the question of India’s national security. Clever Rajapaksa is collaborating with China and Pakistan. Anti-Indian terror groups are getting the state patronage in Sri Lanka. This is the worst ever nightmare which India never imagined.

All the other three sides of India are surrounded by terror groups. Only on the southern front, India was relatively better off. There was no terror groups operating against India in the southern side. But this deficiency was clearly smelt by the Pakistani force. In order to trouble on all four fronts, Pakistan has established a wide network of anti-Indian group in Sri Lanka. The arrest of Arun Selvarajan on 10 September 2014 by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Chennai clearly points out to the worst Indian blunder in the southern front. He is a Sri Lankan national and a former member of LTTE. After the fall of LTTE, Arun Selvarajan has become an easy prey for global terror network. Sensing his valuable link, Pakistan had tracked him and handed over him a massive assignment of striking India.His Tamil origin and Hindu identity have given him the vital advantages. In the guise of an event manager, Arun Selvarajan was operating from Chennai since 2009. After establishing his identity as the event manager he gained access to important people and places in Chennai. It seems that he took photos and videos of vital installations like Kalpakkam Nuclear Plant. Along with Arun Selvarajan few other Sri Lanka youth who speak Tamil are given the list of targets like defence establishments, foreign consulates, ports, airports and nuclear plants. They would take pictures/videos of those places and send the data by email to Colombo based handlers.
Although Arun Selvarajan was arrested under various IPC sections and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, there are many more Arun Selvarajans operating in India especially in Chennai. Before it becomes a worst tragedy these anti-Indian terror squad promoted by Pakistan through Sri Lanka needs to be nailed.
Thameem Ansari was arrested near Tiruchi in September 2012. On the pretext of making a documentary, Ansari took sensitive footage of important places like airport, temples etc.
Mohammed Zakir Hussain, a Sri Lankan Tamil was arrested after he allegedly conducted a reconnaissance mission as part of a conspiracy to attack foreign missions in southern India.
Amir Zubair Siddiqui, the alleged mastermind was Counsellor (Visa) at the Pakistan High Commission in Sri Lanka when suspects claimed they were working for him. Investigators think that he engaged people to gather data on specific targets in India at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI. They now want to go to Sri Lanka to gather more information about the network
Now it is crystal clear that Rajapaksa government cannot be trusted. Indian government must establish a parallel network to track down the anti-Indian terror networks operating from the Sri Lankan soil. They must crushed then and there. A 24×7 active intelligence network must be alerted in South India to filter out the anti-Indian terror groups. From the arrival in airports, seaports and coastal areas, a vigilant Indian establishment can avoid massive terror attacks on its soil. Never dependent on the Sri Lankan government. India will lose all its wealth if this blunder is committed!