Beware of PRICS

Russia was an unflinching ally of India for nearly seven decades. When the United States of America did not pay heed to India’s wish to be its partner in the early fifties, Russia invited India to be its friend. This friendship continues for a very long time. It seems that there is an imminent threat to the long standing Indo Russian relationship. This threat comes from Russia’s feeling that India is abandoning it for the sake of United States of America.

In the game for global supremacy, India has been the worst victim. In the fifties, India was forced to join the Soviet Union side although it maintained non-alignment in paper. With the exit of Soviet Union and the presence of an influential Indian population in the USA, tables are turning. India wants to gain the friendship of USA once again and the response has been very positive and warmth.

There is a growing strength of support in USA in favour of India for many reasons. Not only the dominant Indian community and their success is a push factor but also the patronage to terrorists given by Pakistan. It was understood clandestinely that Pakistan is behind several anti-American terrorist activities. Americans understood the double game of Pakistanis. The discovery of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of anti-Americanism in Abbotabad in Pakistan and his eventual elimination in 2011 made crystal clear to the world what Pakistan has been doing for ages.

On the one side, Pakistan is drawing heavy amount of money from USA to develop their economy, military and society and on the other side, Pakistan is sheltering anti-Americans on its soil. Not only sheltering them but also aiding and abetting anti-American and anti-Indian terrorists. This common victimhood naturally brought America and India together. The growing voice against Pakistan’s indirect patronage to anti-American terrorist group has finally paid dividends. The government of USA has cut down the civilian and military aid to Pakistan.  From $3.1 billion in 2011 to $1 billion dollars in 2016.

American attitude and aid to Pakistan is changing drastically. Its approach towards India is also changing. Pakistan is facing negative actions while India is facing positive response from the USA. It seems that the bond between India and USA is getting stronger and stronger every day. This has created nervousness among many. Notably Russia, China and Pakistan.

Can India ignore Russia for the sake of strategic partnership with USA? There is a little possibility for India to be friends with all. The reason is global supremacy requires two sides to show their dominance. In this game of global dominance muscle flexing, two sides gather members to their teams. India was forced to be on the Soviet side till the end of Cold War. Naturally this has forced America to accept Pakistan as its ally. After the end of Cold War and Pakistan’s blatant anti-Americanism, team members of the global game are reshuffled.

Although, the Cold War ended in perception after the fall of Soviet Union in the late nineties, reality of it continues in other forms. Russia is trying its best to regain the lost slot occupied by the Soviet Union. China is attempting to barge in. Already America is in the game although its status has come down heavily after the collapse of Twin Towers in 2001, lost economic clout and social disruptions.

Now there is a possibility of Pakistan, Russia, Israel, China and Saudi Arabia (PRICS) coalition. The reason is simple suspicion of one long term friend on the other long term friend fearing the long term friend is moving towards enemy. “Friendship 2016” between Russia and Pakistan is the most worrisome development. The saddest part of this story is the drill was to be in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Given the long history of Pakistan’s negative credentials, Russia may not trust Pakistan so easily. But the faster developments in the Indo-USA relations are pressurizing Russians to act fast.

Russia feels that its long term friend India is moving towards USA. Israel is fearing that its long term friend USA is moving towards its arch rival Iran. The Israelis did not like Americans signing nuclear pact with the Iranians. There is a less possibility of Israel joining the coalition with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia because of the strong Islamic connections and their patronage to Palestine. But in the race for global supremacy nothing can be ruled out.  Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China are already long-term friends.