Indo-Israeli Relations Piloted by Modi Netanyahu Coalition

modi netanyahu க்கான பட முடிவுIndia and Israel have positive relations for the past thousands of years. In 1000 BCE, Indian merchants used to sell peacocks and organize monkey games in the places which has Israel under its control now. The Saravathi Civilization of India and the Babylonian culture of present Israel were exchanging goods and services. The age-old friendship made the troubled Jews to seek asylum in India. One can find Jewish synagogues in Cochin, Mumbai and many other cities of India. But the independence of India in 1947 and its compulsion to go along with the Arab nations to counter the anti-Muslim image projected by Pakistan, India opposed Israel’s entry into the United Nations. India supported Palestine. All changed in 1992 with P.V.Narashima Rao as the Prime Minister. He redefined foreign policy of India and made it more pragmatic than sentimental as in the past.  After Rao’s focus on Israel the subsequent governments be it BJP or Congress, embraced Israel. Narendra Modi has taken the Indo-Israeli relations to a new height.

When the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was hugged and welcomed at the Indira Gandhi International airport by his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, few in the world would have expected the grand opening of bilateral ties for the betterment of both nations. From defence equipments to entrepreneurship, from agriculture to the startup culture, from innovation to industrial development, from aviation to artificial intelligence, India and Israel are collaborating. Definitely India is going to be the big gainer. As a perennial victim of the terrorist attacks, India has many lessons to learn from Israel.

India a major victim of terrorist attacks and cross border terrorism needs Israeli support to put a full stop to this long pending problem. With state of art of surveillance gadgets, Israel can be the best support to India. TraceGuard, a chemical process which can free particles from luggage for a quick detection. This technique was co-developed by Israel with the USA. This method can detect explosives easily and leave out harmless ones like perfumes.

Suspect Detection Systems (SDSs) is another easy method to filter out terrorists from ordinary citizens entering airports. This is an automated interrogation and background technology which can pinpoint terrorists. SDS combines detection and robotic characters which can prevent terrorists from entering vital installations.

WeCu mixes psychology with the hi-tech mechanisms to draw attention from terrorists roaming around airports. It projects pictures of dear ones of terrorists on the wall which can be seen by terrorists only. This two way method can easily alert the security agencies about the nearing of terrorists.

Vigilant Surveillance Systems can be alert 24×7 even if the human security personnel fall sleep. This is an intelligent digital monitoring system which can prevent crime and terror attacks on the streets. This is an all-time monitoring mechanism which is need of the hour.



Safe drinking water for every citizen is the biggest challenge for India. Israel has proper mechanisms to help India in this regard. A cost effective method to install desalination plants to provide safe drinking water for every Indian can be realized with the help of Israeli technologists.

Israel is considered as the land of innovations and inventions. In the last 63 years of Israreli independence it has developed 45 indispensable innovations for the world. Given Imaging is the world leader in providing patient friendly solutions especially intestinal visualization.

Netfim is a global leader in providing micro irrigation. For a water starved parts of India, this can be of great help.

Ormat Technologies specializes in geo thermal energy.

Pythogras Solar makes smart solar windows which provides energy efficient windows with the help of photo voltaic cells.

Decell Technologies provide real time road traffic which is needed to clear the chaotic roads of Indian cities and towns.

Takadu provides minute information about water leaks, zone breaches, busts etc.

Cubital provides solid rapid protyping machines which will revolutionise the engineering, printing, medical industry and every other manufacturing process around the world.

There are hundreds of innovations and simple solutions which India can learn from Israel. Netanyahu Modi collaboration can develop both countries effectively. Both countries must shed their pre-reserved ideas and march ahead of the other nations.




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