False sting operations

uma1.jpgJournalism is a social responsible profession. In the recent times it is taking the worst turn of soaking its hands in the dirty waters to perform media duties. There were numerous journalistic episodes which crossed its limits and damaged ethically. Just for publicity and professional mobility, journalists adopt false techniques. To cook up stories journalists use the media methods and show bad person in limelight or good individual as an evil. Reporting according to journalist personal likes and dislikes are getting common nowadays. Sting operation is one such way where the journalists get into bed rooms and board rooms for false reporting. Posing as a businessman or a customer the journalists carry hidden cameras to record the dealings. In the final count they capture the entire conversation in the video and audio. The shoot operations is aired in television or written in newspapers or posted on the web. Most of the times the news is spiced up sensationally. The 24×7 channels with all sound and fury telecast in such a way it prompts panic and mob response. There are many other ways in which the journalists divert their codified conduct for personal and company’s benefits.1.    Airing public news with the intention of creating sensation2.    Taking bribe or gifts from people to write unreal things3.    Accepting political appointments or other favours for biased reporting4.    Writing or telecasting without cross verificationThe case of Uma KhurannaThis is the most disastrous case in the history of Indian media. A lady school teacher (Uma Khuranna) of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya in old Delhi was beaten up mercilessly by an organized mob for the untrue accusation about her involvement in forcing her students into prostitution. Live india a little known television channel’s Prakash Singh roped in an electronic media aspirant Rashmi Singh in conducting a false string operations against Uma Khuranna. The teacher of the government girl’s school was vilified by the national television channels. It seems that due to personal problems with Uma her colleague, Virender Arrora had organized the sting operation and mob attack on her. Here two set of people are involved with the malafide intention of meeting their personal goals using public means. Arrora got the media personnel to do the sting and cleverly provoked a mob to attack the poor lady teacher promptly after the airing of the false news in the television channels. The trial and judgement was given by the media. Going by the media verdict the Delhi government immediately terminated Uma Khuranna’s services and put in her inside the infamous Tihar jail.   Now the wrong depiction of the teacher is brought to light by the police. Before giving clean chit to her the investigating agencies should probe indepth and give the verdict. In case Uma Khuranna is acquitted clearly then the media ethics will be called in to question again. What else can be worst than facing the public ire over forcing students into prostitutions? No amount of monetary compensation can redeem her lost status. Despite getting acquitted from the jail and cases how can she face the students and society? Will they not pinprick her in future over this fabricated case? Who will answer these questions for Uma Khuranna? The National Human Rights Commission should step in immediately to get justice for the defamed teacher. Arrora, the media personnel and the Delhi government needs severe punishment.  Consultancy sting on MPSSanjay Tiwari and gang tried to implicate three MPs from Jharkhand in a fake sting operation. Sensing some foul smell over the moves of the fake sting operators who posed themselves as Minister of Tribal Affairs secretary and offered a sizeable cut for a tribal development project the Congress M.P, Rameshwar Oreon called the concerned minister and got the truth. Immediately the police was called in and the false sting operators were arrested.Future LessonsThe Tehelka website known for the first sensation exposure of corruption through sting operations in India was harassed by the NDA government for daring to encroach into the political dealings. Although the Tehelka journalists wanted something sensational and spicy to attain global fame their method of sting conduct kicked enormous controversies. Today journalists and aspiring media personnel are using sting operations to attain personal benefits through hook or crook means. The Union Government is thinking of putting brakes on the sting operations in the proposed “Broadcasting Bill”. The sting operations have its positive and negative consequences. In order to eliminate wrong sides the public beneficial aspects should not be blocked. An objective assessment of the sting operation is necessary before any order is passed by the legal authorities.