Collapsing Myanmar

myanmar.jpgA natural wealth paradise in the south East Asian region is burning continuously without any external help. Myanmar is a country with abundant natural resources like forest wealth, gas, gems, and rice.  With thousands of years of rich cultural heritage today the nation is in complete turmoil.  For the past two decades the military is running the government. Commonly called as Junta, the military dictatorial setup is devastating the nation completely. Due to several reasons, the world is watching silently the situation in Myanmar. Geographically it is not possible for the big nations to take any action. Those who share border with the troubled Myanmar are dependent on the military rulers for trade and business. China is cozying with the junta for cheaper gas imports. India is not making much noise against the crackdown of the military on the pro democracy movement demonstrators because of the firm handling of ULFA militants on the border by the Myanmar establishment. To strengthen energy security India also trusts its neighbor on the eastern fringes for gas. Thailand is already suffering from the military rule. In these circumstances there is no possible and positive assistance rendered to the suffering public.

Thousands of Buddhists monks have been on the streets for the past one fortnight against the military rule. It seems that the junta is cutting down the grants given to the monasteries. The meteoric rise of prices of essential commodities and the atrocities perpetuated by the ruling establishment on the common people have infuriated the sadhus. Combined with all these complexities the shift in the capital city from Yangon to Pyinmana is unifying all the troubled people of the country.

The United Nations had sent its emissary Ibrahim Gambari for a discussion with the Junta and Aung San Suu Kyi  the leader of the democracy movement. It took days for him  to reach out to the house arrested popular leader in the country.

Any amount of external ban and restrictions on the junta is so far not producing any better results. The internal protests have been cracked down ruthlessly. Given the present conditions there is no hope for the troubled people of Myanmar. It is crucial for the world to take unified steps to bring in normalcy. In this direction it is important to initiate the following steps

1.       Immediately the international community should sent in assistance (military and humanitarian) to rescue the repressed people of Myanmar

2.       If necessary the United Nations Peace Keeping Force should take over

3.       All those neighboring countries who are rubbing shoulders with the military dictators should keep away from Myanmar

4.       Aung San Suu kyii should be released immediately

5.       A democratic election should be organized under the supervision of UN

6.       A mega financial assistance should be given to reconstruct the nation

Unless and until the tortured commoners of Myanmar are rescued and rehabilitated the ethical dimensions of the international community will go futile. Watching millions of innocent people brutally attacked everyday is not desirable from the high decibel noise making peace makers of the world. There cannot be two rules for the big nations. One to attack the empty nation like Iraq and the other to watch the poor country like Myanmar being devastated.