No Band in Hand

For years and years

Both were in symphony

Singing together

in each and every tune

but no band in hand

In the best of life

and in the worst of times

Both were in harmony

Tuning together

But no band in hand

A day in a year comes

when mobile phones are buzz

with SMSes saying

Happy friendship day

But still no band in hand

Gift sellers inviting

to buy fancy items

to announce to the world

that we are friends

but still no band in hand

A long thought finalizes

friendship cannot be

celebrated for a day alone

It is a life long jubilation

No band in hand

friendship sails happily

carrying no SMSes

or email or gifts

The true happy f’ship

No band in hand


Farewell to the people’s President

Born in a small town of Rameswaran

Reached Rshatrapathi Bhavan in Delhi

Through honest and integral services to the nation

Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam is a crystal clean citizen

When the entire nation was sleeping

He spoke to wake up the public

Disoriented youth got an icon

Disenchanted children saw a ray of hope

Demoralised jawans got due recognition

Careless politicians got alarmed

Defence system sharpened

Touching every agonised citizen with care

Dr.Kalam deserves every Indian’s salaam

I opposed second term for him

After serving the country for decades as defence scientist and five years as people’s president

I was not keen to see him insulted by petty politicians

From 2004 onwards Dr.Kalam was sidelined and his words of wisdom was ignored

His heart is in teaching students and writing poetry

Let every Indian support him to lead what he wants.

In the dirty game of presidential election

Dr.Kalam’s name was unnecessarily dragged

For politicians benefits

Making the highest office in the country a mockery

Bio diesel, rural regeneration, rescue of agriculture

Medicinal plants, defence preparedness

Space technology, cyberage benefits

Now Dr. Kalam can be a full-fledged activist

Changing the country as per his wishes

All those who wanted second term for him

Should stand shoulder to shoulder with the missile man

To achieve vision 2020 on time

The ceremonial president’s post was to

Bring the scientist’s dream for the nation to light

Out of office he can serve India better

Away from the dummyfying attitude of politicians

Sound of twenty one guns

Bottom of the heart wishes of billion plus Indians

Sing in symphony

Farewell Mr. People’s President and wishes you a long life to see India a social superpower


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