Ramasubramanian Rakappan
Prabha is a futurist, vibrant activist, and professional speaker. He has this three grand essentials to be happy in life – something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Ralph Waldo Emerson says ‘Men who for truth and honor’s sake stand fast and suffer long. Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly.They build a nation’s pillars deep and lift them to the sky’. undoubredly, Praba is a Brave Man.
Amisha Kapur
Praba is a perfect gentleman, warm hearted friend, charming genius, a global visionary —-. He got boundless patience and energy that inspires me alot.


Dr. Sanajoy Kumar Saha
Our friendship goes a long way, almost 8 years. He is more like big brother to me, always taking care of me. One thing which can be associated with Praba is his patience; I have never seen him loosing his cool, whatever the situation. The other thing is his sincerity; he never fails to keep his commitments. He is also very proper in everything he does, be it his way of dressing, the way he conducts himself. In Short, he is a perfect gentleman. In today’s world when it is so hard to get a true friend, I can safely say that I am very lucky to have a friend like Praba. He is so energetic, working round the corner; in fact he once remarked that sitting idle makes him tired. He leaves a mark in whatever he does, whether in academics or in public. It is mainly through his efforts that the two forums he formed, Students For Harmony and Public Action is still going strong. In the days to come he will surely play a big role in public life and make a big difference. I wish him all the best.I


Arpita Acharya
In the simplest of words, Praba is the KING!

Everyone knows the super active man Praba. Since we met (around 1999), has been a good friend who never lost touch even after we left the campus. He has been very active man behind the hundreds of social and cultural activities not only in the JNU campus, but across the country.. A man of vision with his scholarly approach on various issues, Praba has been successfully handling few most successful forums like SFH, which I believe is one of its kind. I had few occassions to work with him and he is cordinating and networking. I have great memory of thos days. I am sure he will go higher with his leadership skills and I wish him a great success in his life!

9/26/07 Atiq Ahmad
My three beautiful years of undergraduation at Madras Christian College, Chennai with Prabha……. i still remember the days, vividly intact in my memory. Prabha had a mission we were there with him to fullfil this. Finally when he was elected as the Chairman of Student Union Counsil….. he, the leader. we the companions……… hmmmmmmm…. i wish those days come back. hats off to him. Simplicity, genuineness, caring, friendly are few of his attributes. he is a born leader……… showing the light to many……. May God sustain this light forever.

Dr. Rupali Srivatsava   
Incredible Indian
At this young age he inspires hundreds of people
15 international awards. President of India gold medal and fellowships
Lectured in more than 20 countries
still Praba is modest and simple

Dr A K Hafiz, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia

I take great pleasure and honour in endorsing Dr Prabhakaran, who has been relentlessly working in the field of development of humanity that transcends all man-made barriers. My association with him dates back to our JNU days when we used to work together for students’ welfare. His organizing skills were fabulous and he could easily communicate with people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. He has been a great leader and excellent worker of our time. I wish him all success in his efforts.


Dushyant K. Mahant (LL.M.- IPR, UQ)
Dushyant K. Mahant (LL.M.- IPR, UQ)
I came to know Prabha around 2006. He sure is a learned person with selfless attitude. I wish him all the very best in his mission to work selflessly like he is doing. People like him are in short supply. Good speed Prabha.
Saswati BhattacharyaSr. Programme Officer at PRIA

Dr Prabaharan was senior to me at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I had always known him as one of the distinguished scholars.



rAGINI CHANDRA Law officer at Public Action

Meticulous leader and perfect human being. For anything and everything I keep seeking sir’s advice. Thank you sir for your continuous guidance and help.


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