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Clear the NEET Confusion

In this hour of unimaginable crisis, Governments in the centre and states are put in a confused mode. Apart from Coronavirus, floods and landslides are threatening the very foundation of our nation. The pressure politics which is peculiar to India is taking a heavy toll on the national well-being. As usual there are many negative interests working to derail the relief measures. The latest one is protest against conducting NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) for admission into medical colleges and Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admissions into NITs and IIITs

The battle is deadly. It is between students and future. No future without good students. No student can sacrifice their future. It is between life and livelihood. Life cannot be sustained without livelihood and livelihood cannot be possible without life. This is worse than a thousand wars. This is disastrous than ten thousand enemy armies surrounding us. Those who have nation and people in their priority list must not engage in politics in this time of pandemics. All of us should stand shoulder to shoulder with the governments. Very importantly, governments should also engage everyone without playing political games. Only neutral minds without parochialism can save the country. All gained in the past will vanish in quick successions if we keep engaging in petty politics. 

Study, exams and results are important. As there is no hope for ending Coronavirus shortly, we must find ways to engage students constructively. Virtual classes and exams are the solutions. We can make online tests as the best possible method in this worst situation to test students’ knowledge. With the several websites, government educational television channels and mobile applications helping students 24×7, there is no shortage for teaching aids.

There is no dispute over the point that the present Covid-19 situation is not conducive for normal examinations and allowing youth to roam freely will be put the health of the entire nation in a big risk. As there is no sight of disappearance of Covid-19 and vaccines, it is better to conduct online classes and tests. Whatever support needs – smartphones, laptops, data packs etc must be provided by the government. The Punjab government needs a big pat for giving smartphone to students. Tamil Nadu is very advanced in providing free laptop to students for the past 10 years. Recently it has also started a separate education television channel – Kalvi Thoolaikatchi.

As we have to live with viruses and other challenges, smart way of dealing is a must. Certain national priorities like education, health, security must be clearly kept out of petty politicking. Online classes and tests must continue till we get out of the pandemic. Instead of making students to come to exams centres, governments can conduct online tests. The foolproof of online tests must be ensured. It is better to conduct online exams than no exams. Government needs citizens and citizens need government. Both must work responsibly to overcome this crisis.


Suryagen Solar Water Purifiers

Suryagen Solar Water Purifiers

Love Birds in the MCC Lake

Indo used to jog in the evening hours everyday. A few kilometers lone jog inside the Scrub jungle was fascinating, breathtaking and bone chilling.From Heber Hall to Johny’s via lake was his usual route. Deers dancing to the sweet musical chirping of birds was a great sight to catch. Indo used to look up and jog with holding even his shoe noise when he nears the lake as he doesn’t wanted to disturb love making couples.

There was always generosity among the love making couples near the lake. The concrete bund can accommodate 4 couples. But only one couple will enjoy. Others don’t go near the lake. This level of decency can be seen only in MCC.Indo was nearing the lake, he started looking up. Suddenly he felt something moving. Without any choice, he looked down. His breath stopped for a few minutes. A huge snake in between his jogging legs. Luckily head and tail of the moving snake were in different directions.

He ran madly racing faster than Usain Bolt. Indo took his life returning breath only after reaching Johny’s and chilling with a fresh lime soda.Love in the lakeside cannot be disturbed even by huge snakes. Snakes in MCC have also learnt decency not to disturb love. That confidence gave the couple, power to love, passion to kiss and audacity to hug in that wild wild lake settings.

Win-Win China

None can dispute the hardworking capabilities of Chinese. With a rich cultural history, China is one of the foremost ancient civilizations. China has come a long way to establish itself as a dynamic power in the modern world politics and economy too. But this status of China seems to be in danger because of the destructive mindset of Chinese government. From cyber attacks to Coronavirus to economic destruction to geographical aggression, world is complaining about the Chinese government’s negativities. China is not the only nation to have dreams of becoming a superpower. To be a superpower, one must have a super heart too. Destructive heart and minds cannot give China the top slot in the world.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) with a population of 1.4 billion, 9.6 million area and $14 trillion economy is a super achiever from the beginning of this millennium. China has spread its wings to every corner. I am thrilled at the way Chinese have progressed. During my visit to China in 2005, I found the Chinese very shy of speaking English. Today Chinese have penetrated to every corner of the globe not only with their English communication skills but also with an unimaginable technology power. Chinese government’s aggression to teach English to its people to conduct Beijing Olympics was the big flip to China’s progress in the world stage today.  

Like diabetes, China is a life risk for 18 countries. Yes, currently China is having border disputes or territorial troubles with 18 countries. From Yellow Sea to Mt.Everest to Himalayas to several islands to lakhs of sq kms of lands of 18 nations are in the Chinese radar for occupation. This may spread to rest of the world with “One Belt; One Road” program of China. Only way to keep world free from diabetes causing China is to collective checkmating.  

In June this year, 8 countries formed an inter-parliamentary alliance to take on China. USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway are leading this alliance to stop the aggressive Chinese. USA, UK and India have started to block Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer of 5 G technologies. Chinese apps are under scanner in many parts of the world. India had already banned 59 Chinese apps. Fastly the anti-Chinaism will spread to the rest of the world. This will affect the Chinese society drastically.

China is claiming territories of the following 18 countries

  1. Japan
  2. Vietnam
  3. India
  4. Nepal
  5. North Korea
  6. The Philippines
  7. Russia
  8. Singapore
  9. South Korea
  10. Bhutan
  11. Taiwan
  12. Laos
  13. Brunei
  14. Tajikistan
  15. Cambodia
  16. Indonesia
  17. Malaysia
  18. Mongolia

China has been planning and implementing well its aggressive policies for the past 40 years. Knowing well about its limitations in military conquests, China has unleashed its economic power silently. Dead cheap products flooded the entire world made China the universal factory. With slow return of the world towards quality products, Chinese game in world production are been checkmated. India is considered as a viable alternative for the world supply chain.

Let the PRC not destroy its world class civilization, people and entrepreneurs with its negative mindset. Entrepreneurs like Ma Huateng of Tencent Holdings, Jackma of Alibaba, Hui Ka Yan of Evergrande, Yang Huiyan of Country Garden Holdings, Wang Jainlin of Dalian Wanda Group, Ding Lei of Netease, Li Hejun of Hanergy Holding Group, Lei Jun of Xiaomi, Zhang Zhidong of Tencent and Yan Jiehe of China Pacific Constructions are redefining the power of Chinese in the world. Combined wealth of these ten entrepreneurs are over $250 billion.  

Abandoning its Zero Sum Game policy (one’s loss is other’s gain), China must embrace a Win-Win situation. If China can dropout its destructive mindset, world will embrace it as a superpower organically. This will help both China as a nation and its people collectively.

Atmanirbhar Bharat: From Slogan to Action

We Indians cannot be beaten by anyone in the world in planning. But every nation in the world can push us back in implementation. Atmanirbhar Bharat, the mission announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 12 May 2020 to make India self-reliant may go in the typical Indian way. Continuous confusions and demotivations from some may prevent the mission in achieving its purpose fully. Albeit PM putting adequate precautions in implementing, achievement of the Atmanirbhar Bharat seems to be a Himalayan task like Make In India, Startup India; Standup India, Jan Dhan Yojana and other schemes. More than 112 schemes were launched by Narendra Modi government since 2014. There is a good progress in most of the schemes. But a revolutionary change is not coming. 

I am reminded of the Indian crabs parked in Bangkok airport in the 80s for an “International Crabs Exhibition”. Crabs from all over the world arrived in the airport and all of them were closed in their country specific containers. One container was left without cover. Curious onlookers were aghast and told the security guards that one container is left open. The security guards cooly remarked “Don’t worry. Those are Indian crabs. If one crab moves up, others will pull it down”. This may be a joke to laugh. But it is also a serious matter to be solved. We cannot be the world’s No.1 if we keep killing our schemes which can fastrack India’s progress.

History tells us that self-reliance has been a clarion call throughout the modern India. Swami.Vivekananda exhorted us to shun Western materialism and embrace Indian spiritualism. Mahatma Gandhi gave a call for Swadeshi products. Jawaharlal Nehru quickly built modern industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bharat Electronics, Heavy Vehicles Factory, Hindustan Aeronautical and many more, Indira Gandhi developed Green Revolution, Nuclear Technology and paved way for India to become an automobile hub of the world. Rajiv Gandhi indigenized computer and telecom revolutions. Narashima Rao triggered financial revolution. Atal Behari Vajpayee brought rural transformation and super connectivity across the country through beautiful super highways. Manmohan Singh triggered knowledge and rural employment revolutions.

PM Modi’s latest call for Atmanirbhar Bharat, a self-reliant India is a visionary mission with roots in Make in India scheme. Knowing fully well about world’s lookout for China alternate manufacturing hub, PM Modi timely announced Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat schemes. China has been the world’s supplier of all sorts of products for nearly three decades. China planned well and hit the headlines. World was not bothered about quality of the products but its rock bottom prices. Now people have started feeling the pain of low quality products. Moderately priced quality products are expected by the world. Keeping this mind, PM Modi announced Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat schemes. Now it is time to implement India’s “vocal for local” completely not just to boast about the glorious plans to become Atmanirbhar Bharat and India as the world’s market. Atmanirbhar Bharat should not be another slogan as in the past.

Digital India: Myth or Reality?

digital india க்கான பட முடிவு

The digital age has provided a golden opportunity for India to pitch in its strengths. In fact, the digital age around the world has been driven by Indians. For this great turnaround of Indians and India, the quality of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education of India and the English language must be given credits. But the same STEM education’s quality seems to be fading. In future, India must lose out in the global race due to the compromised quality of STEM education. The governments at the centre and states have taken some corrective measures. It must be strengthened and implemented with full force.

Digital age is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) driven age where everything is in digital mode. The digital mode helps anyone to access or give information anywhere with a click of mouse or swipe of a finger. What was available in papers, boards or in physical formats are available in digital formats. The speed and time of accessibility has changed dramatically. From minutes to seconds to milli seconds, the availability and provision of information has transformed.

The myth sounding around the country is everything is perfectly alright with the arrival of digital technologies. You can get your cooking gas connection instantly, education loans immediately, government benefits quickly etc. Although there is a big forward movement in accessing government services, there is no complete solution to the earlier problems. Still teething problems can be seen in the country.

The reality is India is moving fastly on the digital track. The number of mobile phones in India. Today there are 350 mobile phone users and this is expected to cross 450 million in next three years. Internet users are also in the same league of mobile phone users. Its numbers are also stay close proximity to the mobile phone users. The governments at the centre and state have already started converting physical paper records into digital ones.


In the education front, the launch of National Academic Depository will bring in speed, accuracy and closing the leaking holes in the academia. The start of National Testing Agency can save billions of rupees by switching over to online tests. The government conducts more than 1000 examinations including the omnipotent Union Public Service Commission, State Public Service Commissions, National Entrance Cum Eligibility (NEET), Joint Entrance Examinations, Railway Recruitment Services, University Grants Commission NET exams, State Level Eligibility Tests (SLET), entrance exams for schools, colleges, banking exams etc.

Going for online exams can save million reams of paper and thereby contributing for the environmental preservation, quicker announcement of results, avoiding the leakage of questions, tampering of answer sheets etc.

Government can earn billions of rupees through National Testing Agency and National Academic Depository (NAD). First the huge expenditure incurred on conducting paper based examinations can save a huge sum of money. Second, staff required for supervision, correction of answer sheets, third, setting up of question papers often can junked.

The National Depository can be one stop solution to all the problems posed by the quack academicians. Very often, even our top political guns, business tycoons, industrialists, academicians are accused of faking their degrees. With the NAD, a quick verification of one’s academic credentials can be done. For the academic credential verification, private and government agencies pay Rs.1000 per candidate. Now this amount may go to NAD which will turn out to be hundreds of crores per year.

In short, the digital India not only increase the speed of e-governance but also give financial muscle to the government bodies. All these years painstakingly built government agencies are going to deliver revenue dividends too. All depends on how efficiently our government employees are going to work.




Students Power Harnessed for Swaach Bharat

swachh bharat students എന്നതിനുള്ള ചിത്രം

Prime Minister Narendra Modi works tirelessly to lift up the nation. Whether it is the country’s cleanliness or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) or securing India a permanent seat in the United Nations or increasing the Per Capita Income of every Indian or doubling up the farmer’s income, he is in the forefront. He uses every medium to motivate every citizen of the country both inside and outside the country to work towards the overall welfare of the nation. Not only the Indians but also people across the world are excited at the way in which the PM motivates. No other head of the state has succeeded the way in which Modi has motivated the people.  The most remarkable achievement of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India is, harnessing of youth power for the national development. He has reached out to the students in every nook and corner of the country. Never before students were scientifically involved in the nation building. All this is due to the complete utilization of technology to ensure the full involvement of students.

From Swaach Bharat Mission (SBM) to Solid Waste Management (SWM) to the promotion of Yoga to Hardware Heckathon, Modi government has silently weaved a web of students’ power to take the nation forward. Critics keep showering negativism. That is common to any democratic setup. The beauty of Modi is to unmind the negativity created by his opponents. His opponents range from foreign nations to local politics to cinema to NGOs to priests to industrialists to educationists. There is a blockade in each and every thing Modi has initiated. Overcoming these blockades and ensuring the smooth sailing of the nation is a herculean task. He has stupendously achieving his targets except few odd cases.

P.M Narendra Modi launched his dream project “Swachh Bharat Mission” on 2 October 2014. Within four months of taking over the Prime Ministership, Modi has kick started clean India campaign. He fixed the target of achieving clean India within five years by constructing 90 million toilets. Construction of toilets not only clean the streets of India but also it gives better health conditions for the resident and visitors. After five years, the results are mixed. Definitely India has not become 100% clean. But definitely it has changed a lot in comparison with the past scenario.  One human being called Prime Minister cannot change the nation’s cleanliness completely. It is the responsibility of the each and every citizen.

What Prime Minister has achieved through SBM is, the commencement of culture of cleanliness. Every household aims to have toilet facility, open defecation has become an odd case, airports, seaports, railways and other public places have become much cleaner. But the SBM has also failed to achieve complete cleanliness in both public and private places. This is because the nonseriousness and aversion of the stakeholders. Unless they change themselves to clean their places, cleanliness of India will be only a dream which can never become reality. Prime Minister can only motivate, advise ministers, order bureaucrats and check the public pulse. But to implement SBM and achieve the targeted goal of 100% clean, everyone’s support is needed. That is the missing crucial link in meeting the goal of 100% clean India.

The government of India has ensured the construction of 86 million toilets in the country in the last four years. It has reduced the number of open defecators from 550 million to just a million. This is a Himalayan achievement. But that one million open defecators pose a big risk to the overall health of the nation.

In this big mission, Prime Minister has determined to use the students’ power. Education institutions are ranked for cleanliness. This will create a culture of cleanliness among the young people. When the students get into the world as adults, cleanliness will automatically come as their first priority. This is how a big nation like India can transform. Technology has come in handy to usher in the desired transformation in our massive country.

Brilliantly his government has initiated Swachh Bharat Summer Internship programme recently to involve the students to clean up the country. From universities to colleges, students across the country are enrolled in cleaning. They are rewarded cash prize ranging from Rs.50000/-. These are positive steps by the government led by Narendra Modi not only to clean India but also create a national unity. Definitely youth power needs to be harnessed positively and Prime Minister Modi is doing his best in this area.

Indo-Israeli Relations Piloted by Modi Netanyahu Coalition

modi netanyahu க்கான பட முடிவுIndia and Israel have positive relations for the past thousands of years. In 1000 BCE, Indian merchants used to sell peacocks and organize monkey games in the places which has Israel under its control now. The Saravathi Civilization of India and the Babylonian culture of present Israel were exchanging goods and services. The age-old friendship made the troubled Jews to seek asylum in India. One can find Jewish synagogues in Cochin, Mumbai and many other cities of India. But the independence of India in 1947 and its compulsion to go along with the Arab nations to counter the anti-Muslim image projected by Pakistan, India opposed Israel’s entry into the United Nations. India supported Palestine. All changed in 1992 with P.V.Narashima Rao as the Prime Minister. He redefined foreign policy of India and made it more pragmatic than sentimental as in the past.  After Rao’s focus on Israel the subsequent governments be it BJP or Congress, embraced Israel. Narendra Modi has taken the Indo-Israeli relations to a new height.

When the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was hugged and welcomed at the Indira Gandhi International airport by his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, few in the world would have expected the grand opening of bilateral ties for the betterment of both nations. From defence equipments to entrepreneurship, from agriculture to the startup culture, from innovation to industrial development, from aviation to artificial intelligence, India and Israel are collaborating. Definitely India is going to be the big gainer. As a perennial victim of the terrorist attacks, India has many lessons to learn from Israel.

India a major victim of terrorist attacks and cross border terrorism needs Israeli support to put a full stop to this long pending problem. With state of art of surveillance gadgets, Israel can be the best support to India. TraceGuard, a chemical process which can free particles from luggage for a quick detection. This technique was co-developed by Israel with the USA. This method can detect explosives easily and leave out harmless ones like perfumes.

Suspect Detection Systems (SDSs) is another easy method to filter out terrorists from ordinary citizens entering airports. This is an automated interrogation and background technology which can pinpoint terrorists. SDS combines detection and robotic characters which can prevent terrorists from entering vital installations.

WeCu mixes psychology with the hi-tech mechanisms to draw attention from terrorists roaming around airports. It projects pictures of dear ones of terrorists on the wall which can be seen by terrorists only. This two way method can easily alert the security agencies about the nearing of terrorists.

Vigilant Surveillance Systems can be alert 24×7 even if the human security personnel fall sleep. This is an intelligent digital monitoring system which can prevent crime and terror attacks on the streets. This is an all-time monitoring mechanism which is need of the hour.



Safe drinking water for every citizen is the biggest challenge for India. Israel has proper mechanisms to help India in this regard. A cost effective method to install desalination plants to provide safe drinking water for every Indian can be realized with the help of Israeli technologists.

Israel is considered as the land of innovations and inventions. In the last 63 years of Israreli independence it has developed 45 indispensable innovations for the world. Given Imaging is the world leader in providing patient friendly solutions especially intestinal visualization.

Netfim is a global leader in providing micro irrigation. For a water starved parts of India, this can be of great help.

Ormat Technologies specializes in geo thermal energy.

Pythogras Solar makes smart solar windows which provides energy efficient windows with the help of photo voltaic cells.

Decell Technologies provide real time road traffic which is needed to clear the chaotic roads of Indian cities and towns.

Takadu provides minute information about water leaks, zone breaches, busts etc.

Cubital provides solid rapid protyping machines which will revolutionise the engineering, printing, medical industry and every other manufacturing process around the world.

There are hundreds of innovations and simple solutions which India can learn from Israel. Netanyahu Modi collaboration can develop both countries effectively. Both countries must shed their pre-reserved ideas and march ahead of the other nations.



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