Never climb mountain with pessimists

Ego cannot be divorced. Human beings and ego are married forever!!

Success and failures are just perceptions!

Some keep talking
Some keep doing
Both cannot be stopped!

Doubt free human is not possible

Politics is a battle of corruption equals. Victory for the politicians and defeat for the people!

Too short and too long combo is naturally inconvenient to others eyes

A game of politics is the worst of all games!


Petty politicking is part of the politics. Veterans don’t take it to their hearts!

Ego war is the worst of all wars!

Paper tigers cannot become real tigers!

All time privacy is an utopia!

Media intrusion into the disaster management and private affairs is the worst challenge

Nature’s power cannot be challenged by the human greeds. Better to surrender to nature than getting wiped out!

Responsible onlining is required for positive social growth. Online irresponsibility must be penalised?

Commander is important. Soldiers behind the commander are more important for the victory in the battlefield!


Playing hide and seek game with terrorists is detrimental for national growth. J&K must learn this first lesson better in governance!

Showing different faces at different places is a worst disease!

Budget reading has become a speed reading competition. Nothing substantial action plan to turn around the situation.


criminal babas get encouraged by the passive state. Innocent people must be saved!

were Indians intelligent not to kiss?. This is clear after the scientific report tat 10 secs kiss transfers 80 million bacteria!

Technology is more misused than used rightly. Whose fault is this?

All that starts well doesn’t ends well. Political parties in India are the best examples!

பெத்த பிள்ளை அமெரிக்காவுக்கு போயிட்டான். வளர்த்த தென்னம்பிள்ளை காய்ந்து போய்விட்டது. வாழக்கை மட்டும் மனக்கவா போகிறது?

Parliament is becoming a place to create rackus rather than to introduce, debate and finalise policies!

Harshvardhan wanted to ban sex but somebody added education!

Education is getting worse than football matches. Students are kicked from every corner!

Neither victory nor defeat is permanent!


One man’s absence can make a world of difference. The difference between victory and defeat, defeat and rout, happiness and sadness.

Changing the name of teacher’s day celebration to Guru Utsav is not an achievement Ms.HRD minister. Change the fate of Indian education!

When the rest of the world is moving forward, India is going backwards

P.M saheb, Don’t abandon but add implementation to planning. It can be Planning and Implementation Commission of India (PICI)

Black money stashed abroad can never be back in India!

Different parties; different governments. But none can trap the black money. Its always black!

Corporate espionage is a reality. Corporate oil companies espionage is a super reality for decades. Nexus of govt corporate must end!

Religious intolerance is once again growing across the world. Going back to medieval ages?

130 years old party was defeated by 35 years old prty. 35 yrs old prty was routed by 26 ms old prty. Victory is nt about yrs but voters pwr!

Mind gamers won’t believe in fate play till they get defeated.

Politics is all about selfishness. Naive to expect politicians to be selfless!

Animal rights lobby is more stronger than the human rights lobby!

Governance is not only about media bytes. Keeping the public health is vital. Swine Flu spread shows our utmost inefficiency!

Losing the game is common but sustaining the courage to shake the souls of opponents is a must

Starting with a big bang is not enough sustaining that big bang forever is a big challenge!


Indian government needs more spine in handling terrorists & tax escapists

More information; less clarity

Technology is like celebrity marriage. It never stays the same forever!

Unlimited freedom; unlimited problems

Power to say No can make you powerful

Strip anything but not dignity

Change comes only after 60 among the Indians!

Never carry weight in heart

Theoretical is not practical; practical is not theoretical in Indian politics

Relationships need mutual trust whereas business needs mutual profit

Tuning love to the right frequency makes life a sweet music

Out of control situations require total mind control

Unconditional love lasts forever whereas conditional love —-

Romance is not an art piece to be exhibited for public view

Troubled situations require untroubled mind!

Fear is the first enemy

Good laws with bad law enforcers are futile.

Broken feelings cannot be fevicoled.

United people want to split. Split people want to be united. Split-unite game never ends.

Kolaveri’s popularity is beyond language and national barriers despite nothing. How?

Creation without destruction is not possible?

A seasonal politician is the one who smiles even after an unseasonal sound slap on the face.

Big B, small B and now baby B. Any wonder about India’s obsession with family B

A crisis is an opportunity to know who’s what.

Nuclear energy is necessary evil?

Beginning of suspicion is the end of relationship.

No foolishness; no love.

History is unbiased. Both good and bad people get place in it.

A relationship can convert failure into success and vice versa!

Story telling is common to all ages. Only the impact varies.

24×7 media is much as much nuisance as much use.

Expressions are like oxygen for life

Never do vital work in a hurry

Age cannot prevent performance. Go ahead Hina Rabbani Khar!

Good experiences are costly. Bad experiences are cheap.

Achievers start with problems and end up with success!

Some relationships are fake. Yet pretensions are real. Like USA Pakistan relationship!

Legalise every thing. So that there is no crime or illegal activities. Easiest option for the Govt. Ha ha ha!!!

Charity publicized is uncharitable

Confusion is the mother of all troubles

Unhappily married; happily divorced are common in this jet speed world.

Relationships are like ocean waves. Some times high; some times low. But the flow must continue


Human rights is what America can preach to the entire world. But not to follow in its own land. From Guantanamo Bay to Devyani Khobragade, the American line of hypocrisy is evident.


Governments are dysfunctional and not willing to change it for the public welfare. That’s why people are changing the government. Alarm bells ringing! Will the traditional political parties wake up or they will be shaken up?

Feelings are not SIM cards. Take it from one and insert into another. 

Cell phone of life has dual sim. One for happiness and the other for sorrow. Choose which sim you want to activate.

Accumulation of work and anger are disastrous

Intelligence may need love. But love does not need intelligence

Strong people smash problems. Weak people get smashed by problems

The same match stick cannot be used twice for lighting! Same is some feelings!!


Men and women are like hardware and software. One don’t have much value without the other.

Keep the dear most’s number in the heart not in the contact list!

Road regularly travelled knows my nature and I know its nature

No limitations to imagination


When jokers become ministers, the Government becomes a mere theater of entertainment

Every society has both fair and unfair people

Emotional arguments hate logic

Future travelling person never carries the past baggage

True love is celebrated 364 days. To show it, one day is special. Happy V Day!

Bad advice is good guidance for a fall

Problems are part of life. So too solutions

Strategies are vital in life like vitamins for body

Western is comfortable; Eastern is sustainable

History is a continuous interpretation and misinterpretation

Inequality is responsible for crime?

Human desires are endless

Every person faces good and bad times

Bad advice is a good poison

Emotions are personal not commercial

Too much of middle space in expressways and extreme spaces in politics

Promise less; perform more

Age is a feeling. Not a matter of years

Any practice can be theorised. But not every theory is practical

More money; more unhappiness?

Genuine human relationship is emotional not commercial

In big games; small losses are normal

Temperaments are four types- cool, hot, pleasant and unpredictable

Above success and below the failure there is satisfaction.

Scandals are ageless. N.D.Tewari proves the point.

An affectionate slap can be a pat; an angry pat can be a slap

Plan the change; don’t change the plan

Liberal radicalism and radical liberalism are equally dangerous

Whispered secrets never stay at one place and with one person

oo many networking sites are killing time. Soon netizens are going to say ‘na na networking’

Telegana creation is welcome sign. High time for some genuinity among TRS fraternity over the cause.

West once again divides East to escape emission cuts

Few outline life’s complete mission. Rest follow the routine

Postponement means end

Happy hours are fixed

Wish essential commodities follow Telecom way. Long live price war!

When all doors get shut we are desparet to see Almighty’s Window to open

Eyes should be kept wide open before accepting love. Later it shouldn’t be blamed for human mistakes.

Indians learning and earning from America to the reverse. Aap ka Swagat Hai Obama’s America. Eid Mubarak to all those who sacrifice and pray

Beautiful dawn comes after the ugly darkness

Agriculture minister is sports administrator. Sports minister is agricultural administrator. UPA II is clashing!

Media scrutinises everyone. But who scrutinises the media?

Sun rises punctually without any alarm ringing for its wake up

Life is not a 20-20 cricket to expect results in few hours

Eyes don’t make any noise. yet its communication is powerful.

Success is after beauty and vice versa

Work is pleasure; no work is immense pleasure for some

Searching is always a crucial part of human lives. Rishis went to valleys for peace and we go to google for search

Beauty has its own thorn. Look at the rose.

Happiness is personal

Companies first build trust then the brand

Beauty needs to be looked at and brillance needs to be tested. Be open to scrutiny.

Life is a risk. Everyone experiences it by living

Tweet by tweet; ball by ball updates. Open society on explosion finally?

Look at the mirror to read your face and a woman’s face to read your heart

Time cannot take us out to friends. We need to take time out for friends

Birds fly sky high on whose guidance?

Follow your heart when you are in love and mind when you are at work

For challenge lovers there is nothing called problem

Sorrow of a lost thing will last only till we gain something better than what was lost

With ready to eat packed food anyone can be a chef

Life is a see-saw game between dreams and realities

Tihar jail’s annual business turnover is Rs.6 crores and profit is Rs.6 lakhs. Excellent criminal reformation

Open appreciation is not liked in traditional societies (Nazar lak jaai hi)

Powers can be noisy or silent like the generators

Terrorism for one may be freedom struggle for others

Traditional and modern worlds are totally different. There may be a bit of give and take. But there cannot be complete assimilation of one from the other.

From reaching out to the Almighty to alighting from the flight, class matters. Call it club or business or economy or even cattle. Class can never vanish.

Only after mishaps all safety measures are questioned

Dry days are for only ordinary alcoholics. Not applicable to * class.

*class is cut above the rest

Faith is a deep rooted commitment at the bottom of a person’s heart

Love may not be constant action. In the fast moving world it may vary from time to time, place to place

Evil actions cannot go on endlessly. At some point of time it needs to be crushed completely. Happy dusshera!

Inspiring the entire world even after six decades of death. Happy birthday Mahatma!

Card sellers conspiracy Mobile phone companies marketing tricks Gift shops sale mantra Happy day for every one every other day No band in hand for ages still we are happy friends. Celebrate f’ship every day.

Justice can bought and sold in the land of Ashoka, Buddha and Gandhi. BMW can hit, kill and run without much punishment. Women can be raped for peanuts thrown to the law enforcement agencies. When can this end?

The C.M of J & K is wasting his enviable talents in frequent personal outings than governing the state. Last hope pinned by the people of the state should not be lost.

Our P.M is innocent. He has a standard answer to every question – “Yes. We will look into it.” No wonder Pakistan P.M Gillani put him in trouble by saying that India is abetting terrorism in Baluchistan.

Can the 5000 years old civilization called India be stopped by any force to return back to the top order of the globe if it is determined?

Corruption cannot be completely eliminated. It can only be minimized.

The beautiful and calm dawn comes only after the ugly darkness

India should devise its method of deal with Pakistan immediately. A bit of war talk and a bit of peace is denting its diplomatic image.

Increasing nuclear war heads are dangerous for the future health of the planet earth.

Politicians better leave sports to sportspersons

In the name of liberal opening up of deemed universities the government is dooming the Indian university system.

Paradise lost can be regained but not the faith lost

In Tamil country, T.V, gas, dhoti, saree, rice—everthing is free except water.

When the Parliament is in session its seats are empty. MPs are busy in finding petty businesses on the streets and behind the scences.

Rights won’t come without a fight

Governance is like the congested traffic. Foresight, preseverance and right negotiations are needed for smooth movement.

Marriages are made in heaven but broken in earth

Do administration in politics not politics in administration

A news anchorer is the one who invites an expert for the opinion and does all the talking herself

The hard won technology autonomy should not be mortgaged for symbolic strategy relationship

Full time ad models and part time cricketers cannot win the world cup

Terrorists have no religion
Unite all to uproot them

A nation cannot move forward with backward looking citizens

Hinduism has natural beauty. It doesn’t need marketing experts to sell its attractive values.

Religion should be a binding force for collective action and development not for vicious circle and destruction.

God is to bring one’s attention to one particular subject.

Temple, pujas and rituals are source of livelihood provision for many and discipling the mind, body and soul of all visitors.

All reglious activities are down bottom community efforts to address local social problems evoking rituals and scriptures. In way it is a hidden pschological counselling happening for ages to uplift the spirits of people.

Hinduism is a hardcore liberal religion which reserves no punishment for its member class for any rule violation or for non obedience.

Hinduism rarely talks ill about other religions. Unfortunately some badly infected people are trying to spread the hatred virus among its followers. Forunately the clever Hindus rejected the social polarisation ideas.


Firing rockets
Falling into sea
Dissolving millions of resources
Can that deter us in future?


Brother pumped bullets to kill his own blood
Cocaine arrested in the mid night
All the fame came to dark corner overnight
Still Shweta was around to give moral backup

Zidane bull pierced Materazi’s chest
A moment of anger
Cost world’s gold cup

Cruel bombs ripping apart
Happily home returning people
In the Mumbai trains
When is the death for you RDX
Then is the life for us

Silver clouds moving swiftly
Black thunder adding music
Blinking lights
Look up the dance floor above us



  1. Bijesh said,

    +04302009-09-28T11:55:09+04:30302009b+04:30Mon, 28 Sep 2009 11:55:09 +0430 2, 2008 at 7.27 p09

    Dear Sir,
    Feels great to have found a person who has specialized in e-governance and digitization aspects.
    I am trying to gather as much information as possible on various welfare scemes of the central and state governments to assesss their effectiveness and to explore options to better the conceptualization, planning and delivery of schemes/programs.
    what i find based on the initial research is that there is harldy any information out there on these schemes.what i found is from national and state portal seems incomplete and inadequate.NREGA stands out though.
    Will you be able to help me with your guidance?

    Bijesh E B

  2. Praba said,

    +04302012-09-22T12:01:44+04:30302012b+04:30Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:01:44 +0430 2, 2008 at 7.27 p09

    Hi Bijesh,
    Thank you for the compliments. Now your problem is solved. Go to You can see all the welfare schemes at one plan. All the best.

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